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A grateful heart

Musicians Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod bring together a global cast to sing about the blessings all around us.

A woman discusses her choice to adopt

A woman tells the moving story about her journey toward adopting, the pain and heartache of not being able to have children, and the joy in making a family.

an empty bird nest

In this excerpt from Mother's Day Ideals, a mother reflects on the moment her son spread his wings and went off to college.

by Cindy La Ferle

A boy folding a flag at military camp. Photo courtesy CRISTA Operation Xtreme

Military kids grow up knowing what it means to serve an idea greater than self. But it's not always easy for them...

by Edie Melson

Inspirational Stories blogger Michelle Medlock Adams reading to a child

I am especially fond of this special day because writing books for children is one of my favorite things to do...

by Michelle Medlock Adams

a box of items to be donated to a food pantry

It was just a simple box of cans and jars, but it ended up being so much more…

by Robert Whybrew
, Sugar Grove, Illinois

Little girl smiling while holding envelope

When it was time for three-year-old Emily to get a haircut, she decided to chop it all off for a good cause. Her act of charity is a lesson to us all.

Mary C. Neal, MD

In this excerpt from Best Angel Stories 2014, Mary C. Neal describes a miraculous rescue that reassured her of God's presence.

by Mary C. Neal, MD
, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

A police car with lights ablaze

For Davage, there was no escape. There was only the gun, inches away, aimed right between his eyes.

by Evan Miller
, New York, New York

Donna Teti

A sign from above is comforting reassurance to a grieving sister.

by Donna Teti
, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Singer and actor Roy Rogers

In this story from March 1953, the beloved cowboy star reveals how his wife, Dale Evans, patiently but persistently invited him to know God.

by Roy Rogers

It was as if God was letting me know my Mom job wasn’t over. My girls still needed me...

by Michelle Medlock Adams

Bobby Simma sits at a piano with several copies of sheet music

He had a knack for knowing a good instrument–and a child in need–when he saw one.

by Bobby Simma
, Perkins, Oklahoma

Devotional writer, Mary Lou Carney

Use this devotion excerpted from Time Out in Tough Times when you're worried about those that mean the most to you.

by Mary Lou Carney
, Chesterton, Indiana

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