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Andrea Bocelli sings with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Listen as Andrea Bocelli joins the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City, Utah for an inspiring performance.

Perpetuum Jazzile perform "True Colors."

A choir of a hundred talented singers gives a stunning performance of this popular song.

Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin's friend and fellow church choir singer Elinor Miller

Mom called to say that Elinor Miller was enjoying my book 10 Prayers You Can’t Live Without. The other news was more sobering...

by Rick Hamlin

A Christmas flash mob performs in a Utah mall.

This flash mob performance at Utah's Cache Valley Mall will fill you with the spirit of the season!

Devotional writer, Gina Bridgeman

Advent is a time to deepen your faith and consider how the coming of our Savior will change your life.

by Gina Bridgeman
, Phoenix, Arizona

Toronto's Choir! Choir! Choir! performs Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."

Listen as a Toronto group known as Choir! Choir! Choir! performs Leonard Cohen's beloved song.

African Children's Choir, Kampala, Uganda
Listen as young Playing for Change performers from around the world raise their voices in song, spreading joy and hope.

A choir group practicing.

I hadn’t been to rehearsal in months. Could I still keep up with the choir?

by Karen Montgomery
, Fort Worth, Texas

Rick Hamlin and his friend Joanne onstage at Carnegie Hall
It’s something every singer dreams of and few realize. He’d let go of that dream long ago, but it hadn’t let go of him.
by Rick Hamlin
, New York, New York

Jennifer Hudson
No matter where her amazing career takes her, actress and singer Jennifer Hudson will never forget where she came from.
by Jennifer Hudson
, Chicago, Illinois

The miracle unfolds. We sound beautiful. It’s more than a joyful noise; it’s real music.

by Rick Hamlin

An artist's rendering of James Stewart

In this story from October 1964, the beloved actor pays tribute to his father, a man of conviction and devotion.

by James Stewart
, as told to Floyd Miller

Peggy Frezon
She tried to tell herself to relax. She was on vacation, after all. But she just wished she were back home, safe and sound.
by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

At the back of a drawer, I found a long-forgotten file with quotes I had collected about prayer...

by Rick Hamlin

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