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Recent Christmas Stories

Erika Bentsen with an equine friend

They weren’t strangers to a struggle, but that Thanksgiving, they didn’t know how they’d make it to Christmas.

by Erika Bentsen
, Sprague River, Oregon

Crustless Spinach Quiche
This recipe calls for less flour and more spinach than most quiches—without sacrificing flavor.
by Laurie Tribken
, Sierra Madre, California

Carolyn, Gordon and daughters MacKenzie and Sydney at the Grand Canyon

It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. Only now, with advanced breast cancer, she wasn’t sure how long that lifetime would be.

by Carolyn Choate-Turnbull
, Nashua, New Hampshire

An artist's rendering of Helen's vision of angels on a staircase

The grand dome of the basilica opened up and revealed a vision: A glorious white-gold staircase shimmered into view, spiraling down from the infinite beyond.

by Helen Walker
, Denver, Colorado

A slice of Francine Bryson's Peppermin Swirl layer cake

Step into the kitchen of America’s best-loved amateur baker to try some of her Christmas sweets and treats! Read Francine's story!

Palm trees covered with snow

She longed for a snowy holiday like she and her father had enjoyed years ago in Wisconsin. Not a chance in Southern California, though...or was there?

by B.J. Taylor
, Huntington Beach, California

Fudge Cake

Tablespoons of coffee tie everything together in this recipe and bring out that real deep chocolate flavor.

by Francine Bryson
, Pickens, South Carolina

Kregg Grippo with some of his crew of volunteers

Sneak Peek: An inspiring story of good will excerpted from The Joys of Christmas 2014.

by Kregg Grippo
, Scotia, New York

Turtle Cake Roll

This delicious cake excerpted from The Joys of Christmas 2014 looks so festive when served at a holiday party.

by Francine Bryson
, Pickens, South Carolina

Peppermint Swirl 3-Layer Cake

This cake is my big Christmas showstopper, the cake that will make people declare, "Okay, now this is Christmas!"

by Francine Bryson
, Pickens, South Carolina

Beth Howard holds her Chai-Spiced Pumpkin Pie.

From The Joys of Christmas 2014: She wanted to spend the holiday season on her own. The town had another idea.

by Beth Howard
, Eldon, Iowa

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

These pies can be made in many flavors, but red velvet just feels right for Christmas. Rolling them in crushed-up candy canes makes them extra pretty.

by Francine Bryson
, Pickens, South Carolina

A slice of Beth's Chai-Spiced Pumpkin Pie

The distinctive spices of chai tea set this recipe apart, blending the familiar with the exotic in an appealing way.

by Beth Howard
, Eldon, Iowa

An artist's rendering of a family gathered at a candlelight service

From The Joys of Christmas 2014: The four of them looked like a complete family. There was no place for her anymore...or was there?

by Cary Leigh Poe
, Front Royal, Virginia

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