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Recent Christmas Stories

David Suchet as Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot

From The Joys of Christmas 2014: She passed on the DVDs of her late husband's favorite show, but a Christmas miracle placed them in her hands after all.

by Nadine Colgan
, Lehighton, Pennsylvania

Francine Bryson poses with some of her delectable creations.
From The Joys of Christmas 2014: Step into the kitchen of Francine Bryson, America’s best-loved amateur baker!
by Francine Bryson
, Pickens, South Carolina

Roxanne Paul

Listen as Glenn Paul's daughter, Roxanne, sings a beloved Christmas song, written by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan. Read Glenn's story!

Beth's Apple Crumble Pie

This pie is one of Beth's favorites because of its "soft, cinnamony comfort of the apple filling combined with the crunchy, buttery topping."

by Beth Howard
, Eldon, Iowa

Bing Crosby sings in a scene from "White Christmas."

Enjoy this montage of America's favorite crooner singing Irving Berlin's beloved holiday favorite!

Grammy and Dove Award-winning singer Ashley Cleveland

From The Joys of Christmas 2014: Her mother had a unique plan for handling her teenage rebellion, for which singer Ashley Cleveland is now very grateful.

by Ashley Cleveland
, Franklin, Tennessee

A special friendship between a woman and her horse is captured on camera.

by Diana Aydin

A woman's cluttered desk is plastered with post-it notes.

Between my family and my job, I was stretched to the limit.

by Kerry M. Berk
, Havertown, Pennsylvania

Susan's dad in uniform, posing by a lake with her mom

This writer knew all of her father's stories—except the most important one.

by Susan Call
, Londonderry, New Hampshire

In honor of a 31st birthday, here's a list of wonders both big and small and some completely strange!

by Diana Aydin

Sometimes you need to sit and wait for the right time to give, and receive, an angel. Here's how one Christmas angel made the perfect appearance in July.

by Colleen Hughes

During a summer deluge, our blogger's thoughts turn to gingersnaps and an earthly angel who makes them all year long!

by Colleen Hughes

Donna Teti

A sign from above is comforting reassurance to a grieving sister.

by Donna Teti
, West Chester, Pennsylvania

John Gessick
His father was skeptical, but he was determined to sell enough cards all by himself to earn a transistor radio.
by John Gessick
, Pottsboro, Texas

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