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Three of Lois's butter molds

The Collector: Sweet Memories of Aunt Sarah

A beloved relative introduced her to churning butter and inspired her to collect butter molds.

A Balloon from Beyond

With her father gone, she was feeling blue on her birthday—until some unlikely birthday greetings made their way to her.

A photograph of a bowling alley's neon sign

Flowers for Mother's Day

A voice told her to detour from her typical path on her morning walk, and she was glad she listened.

An artist's rendering of a white dear

Animal Angels: My Dear White Deer

An unlikely visitor reassures a grieving widow that she is not alone.

Kelly's photograph of a mother cow and her newborn calf

Animal Angels: Love in the Livestock Pen

Photographing a cow with her young calf convinces a nervous mother-to-be that she shouldn't worry.

A group of guardian horses

Animal Angels: Horse Sense

When a pair of wild dogs threatens a couple out for a country stroll, some very unlikely bodyguards step in.

An artist's rendering of a cowboy angel on horseback

Stranger on the Plateau

They were stranded on a mountain in bad weather with a hundred and twenty-five horses when a guardian angel appeared...

An artist's rendering of a glowing angel hovering over a rural highway

The Guardian of Highway 277

Coming up on the ramp, she always said a prayer for protection—just in case.

An artist's rendering of an issue of Weekly Reader with an angel pictured on it

Mystery Solved!

Uncle Roy had his own theory about who was taking care of her summer reading.

An artist's rendering of a soldier looking heavenward in the desert of Iraq

Angels Over Iraq

From the moment her nephew was deployed, she worried and prayed—until she found unexpected comfort and reassurance.

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