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Statue of an angel. Photo by Katty King, Thinkstock.

A Glimpse of an Angel

Tanya Richardson, author of Heaven on Earth, loved the idea of angels. But did she really believe in them? 

Renee Ruffin-Price and her husband

All God's Gifts

Reading from the Bible at her new church proved to be an inspiring experience.

A heavenly saxophone in a yellow velvet chair

Heaven's Music: An Unseen Sax

The only instrument being played during that day's church service was a piano. So why did she hear the sounds of a saxophone?

Heaven as an elegant setting, with angels enjoying piano music.

One Last Dance with an Angel

"Is this heaven?" she wondered, as she found herself stepping into the most elegant room she’d ever seen.

An artist's rendering of an angel with wings made of rose petals

Angels on Earth Spreads Its Wings

Heavenly, earthly, inspirational–we've got angels galore on our Pinterest page gallery

Angels around the world. An angel in Portuguese tile.

An Array of Angels

To stay updated on all things angels, visit Angels on Earth's new Pinterest page. Here's a sampling...

Light in the forest/Angels on Earth

Seeking a Believer in Angels

Mr. Former Hunter with the Albany postmark, please contact Angels on Earth magazine!

An artist's rendering of an issue of Weekly Reader with an angel pictured on it

Mystery Solved!

Uncle Roy had his own theory about who was taking care of her summer reading.

An artist's rendering of a cowboy angel on horseback

Stranger on the Plateau

They were stranded on a mountain in bad weather with a hundred and twenty-five horses when a guardian angel appeared...

An artist's rendering of a white dear

Animal Angels: My Dear White Deer

An unlikely visitor reassures a grieving widow that she is not alone.

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