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Two angels next to Jesus, the risen Christ

Illuminating Angels: The Easter Angel

Celebrate an angel's role in the Easter story–sharing the news of Jesus' resurrection.

Mar 19, 2015
A mother and her adult daughter embrace with loving smiles

How Could I Ever Say Yes?

She needed a new kidney, but could she allow her first-born daughter to take the risk of being a donor?

A St. Patrick's Day parade. Thinkstock.

Today We're All Irish

We have St. Patrick’s guardian angel, Victor, to thank for all this celebrating.

Lost and found photo by Mr. Incredible, Thinkstock.

How to Become an Angel

When a purse goes missing, it's found by an angel in just about the nick of time...

An artist's rendering of Lina's three angels

The 3 Angels of Quito

How a little charm, a chance encounter and a phone call helped her find her wings...

The view of a crowded room from a speaker's podium

A Stranger's Silent Encouragement

Though she was nervous about giving a speech, a friendly face calmed her fears.

Close-up of woman overcome with worry.

Worried No More

She had a lot on her mind and asked God to ease her worries. The response was rapid.

A pair of pink and blue angels

An Angelic Messenger

Something told her to bring two cloth angels on her first visit to a new church.

When an Angel Knocks...

Berlin, World War II. She and her mother were surviving on scraps, with no one to help...

An artist's rendering of an angelic paper napkin kept aloft by a breeze

Bolstered by a Paper Angel

On a mission trip to NYC, she was given confidence by an unexpected two-ply visitor.

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