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A bright light illuminating the dark woods.

The Angel in the Woods

Alcohol and drugs had taken my son from me so often, I doubted that he’d ever get sober.

Eight-year-old Emily tells of her encounter with a mysterious stranger.

Sheltered from the Storm by an Angel

You'll be inspired by this girl's tale of being protected from a killer tornado by an angel.

Dec 23, 2013
An artist's rendering of a stranger with a rope in the frozen north

Pulled from Frigid Waters by an Angel

His cousin couldn't pull him from the frigid water, but a stranger with a rope appeared.

An artist's rendering of an angel, a lion and a lamp ebracing

Peace on Earth

Her granddaughter had a unique request for Santa, one in the spirit of the season.

Ben Nunery and daughter Olivia with a glass angel; photo by Melanie Tracy Pace

This Man is an Angel on Earth

A young father inspires with his message of how love and angels live on after the death of his wife...

A roadside mailbox on a snowy, icy day

A Snow Angel to the Rescue

An angelic young man made sure that icy conditions didn't prevent her safe return home.

Angels on Earth editor-in-chief Colleen Hughes

An Earth Angel's Unexpected Kindness

Today I was reminded of just how many angels are all around.

Positive Thinking blogger Amy Wong

Angel? Mysterious Encounter?

Was he an earth angel? Did I have a mysterious encounter? I'm going to think positive and say yes to both!

An artist's rendering of a mechanic and greeter, both with angel wings

Heavenly Roadside Assistance

Car trouble threatened their post-Christmas cheer, but a pair of angels provided repairs.

An artist's rendering of an angel reflected in a glass doorknoob

Heavenly Touches Make This House a Home

She found her new home bleak–until she discovered some divine intervention.

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