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close-up of woman with cleaning supplies

The Spring Cleaning Angel

An angelic visitor inspires a depressed woman to see the beauty around her.

Guideposts staffer Sharon Azar at her going-away party

Embracing Change

We knew Sharon Azar was leaving to travel, but none of us were ready to see her go.

An artist's rendering of an airman angel ready to fix the boiler

Miracle on the Base

His job on the line, a vitally important boiler on the fritz, he prayed for help–and received it.

A ceramic angel with mocha-colored skin and cropped brown hair

An Unexpected Angel

Her angels had been packed and shipped. So where did this tiny cherub come from?

Ben Simon, founder of Food Recovery Network, and students boxing up food

Students Turn Leftovers into Meals for the Hungry

A college student discovers how to trim campus food waste and help those in need. 

Mar 18, 2014
Little girl walks home through crowd of fans

A Disney Dream Come True

This community banded together to create a real-life fairytale for a little girl with terminal c

Mar 14, 2014
An artist's rendering of a couple in a small boat with a fog bow over them

A Divine Sign in the Mist

The fog enveloped them in its haze, hiding them from sight–but she felt safe and at peace.

Cop gives interview

To Serve With Compassion

Watch the story of a police officer's small act of kindness.


Mar 11, 2014
Little girl gets her hair cut

Little Girl Has an Inspiring Reason for Getting Her Hair Cut

When it was time for Emily to get a haircut, she decided to chop it all off for a good cause.

Mar 7, 2014
Joan Wester Anderson

Vision of God's Love

“Life is sometimes difficult,” Jim’s angel told him, “but you'll never go through it alone.”

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