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An artist's rendering of three winged lumberjacks, raising voices in song

Three Angelic Lumberjacks

Trapped on a snowy mountain pass, they were at risk of freezing. Who would help them?

Lighting a candle in church as a gesture of thanksgiving

Gratitude for the Angel That Saved Her Life

A woman is rescued by a heavenly visitor in this excerpt from Dreams of Angels.

Angel at an airline gate. Photo by NiroDesign for Thinkstock, Getty Images.

Angels at the Gate

Nothing could be better than not having to fly home for Thanksgiving–or could it?

An angelic male figure

Angel in the ICU

A wife is reassured by a heavenly figure watching over her critically injured husband.

Valeria Olson, who was helped by a shopping mall angel

An Angel at the Shopping Mall

An Angels on Earth reader shares the story of a missing purse.

Roxanne Paul

Roxanne Paul: Still Her Little Child

Listen as Roxanne Paul sings a beloved Christmas song, "Still Her Little Child."

Oct 24, 2014
A man takes a Christmas phone call with a smile.

The Christmas Prankster

Their late son was sorely missed that Christmas, but he made his presence felt.

An artist's rendering of a barn with Christmas wreaths on it and angels above it

Guests at the Barn

How could they serve Christmas dinner in the barn? Would they eat with the livestock?

An artist's rendering of a pair of red leather gloves

Lost and Found: Caught Red-Handed

She'd lost her gloves and couldn't afford a new pair. How would she handle winter?

Photo of a rose window at Chartres Cathedral by Claudio Giovanni Colombo

The Stained Glass of Chartres

How the famous French cathedral was protected during World War I and II

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