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An illustration of a bearded angel strolling through a blackberry patch

The Angel in the Field

With her brother stuck in quicksand, she needed help, fast. But there was no one around!

The word 'believe' inscribed on a seashell

A Reminder to Believe

On a trip to the beach, a breast cancer survivor receives an inspiring gift.

Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

Spotting Angel Wings

At New York City's Freedom Tower, seeing angels instead of sadness

Inside the dome of The Basilica of Saint Thérèse in Normandy, France.

The Simple Saint

A trip to France proves the power of Saint Thérèse's "little" ways.

September 11 memorial

Divine Help on 9/11

He desperately searched for a way out of the darkness that tragic day.

Firefighters rescue heart attack victim

Firefighters' Random Act of Kindness

What firefighters who rescued a heart attack victim did next will warm your heart. 

Sep 3, 2014
ambulance with lights flashing speeding down the highway

Angel in the Ambulance

A mother's worst nightmare turns into a miracle thanks to a heavenly healing hand.

A golfer snowglobe

A Heavenly Chip Shot

She longed for a sign from her late husband, a devoted golfer. He came through in the clutch.

A yellow rose

An Angelic Rose Bush

The rose bush was meant to remind him of his late mother, and it certainly fulfilled its mission.

A young girl in a soccer uniform, with a yellow butterfly on her left shoulder

Mumsie's Butterfly Angel

A promised sign from beyond assured a family that their beloved friend was at peace.

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