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Features About Angels

An artist's rendering of Helen's vision of angels on a staircase

A Host of Christmas Angels

The grand dome of the basilica opened up and revealed a sight she'd never forget.

A Basilica for Saint Anne

A night of pardons and music in a famous Franch chapel

A sparkling white pickup truck

An Earth Angel's Generous Gift

A married couple hoping for matching red jackets see their wish granted in unlikely fashion.

The view from Mont Saint-Michel

Built by an Angel

Surrounded by the sea, France's Mont Saint-Michel still harbors angels!

An artist's rendering of a trio of a winged angels carrying a baby in a cradle.

Miracle Baby

Little Rose fought for her life while a giant storm rolled across the Texas Panhandle.

An artist's rendering of a puzzle piece with part of the Coca-Cola logo

An Angelic Assist

A widower can't find the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle–but does his late wife lend a hand?

An illustration of a bearded angel strolling through a blackberry patch

The Angel in the Field

With her brother stuck in quicksand, she needed help, fast. But there was no one around!

The word 'believe' inscribed on a seashell

A Reminder to Believe

On a trip to the beach, a breast cancer survivor receives an inspiring gift.

Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

Spotting Angel Wings

At New York City's Freedom Tower, seeing angels instead of sadness

Inside the dome of The Basilica of Saint Thérèse in Normandy, France.

The Simple Saint

A trip to France proves the power of Saint Thérèse's "little" ways.

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