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An artist's rendering of a winged angel tossing a salad with red lettuce

The Red Lettuce Angel

Tasked with feeding more than 50 people, she'd forgotten the salad. What to do now?

Molly Brown Pennington and her family, Dari, Dash, Phineas and Val (l-r)

A Dream Come True

She had a vision of a little girl ... and an angel. That vision soon became a reality.

An artist's rendering of the tales of a pair of whales extend above the sea.

A Pair of Humpbacked Angels

A family vacation is saved by a pair of whales who provided some welcome diversion.

A closeup of an elderly Japanese gentleman

Heaven's Music: Amazing Grace

On a trip to the Grand Canyon, she sang an unlikely duet with a man across the sea.

An illustration of a man in a motor boat; the boat's wake resembles an angel.

River Angel

He'd heard someone call his name on the swollen river, but who? There was no one around.

An angel is delighted by opening a small treasure chest that holds a waterfall.

Hidden Blessings

Life can be like a treasure hunt, but you have to be willing to start looking.

“Liberation of Saint Peter” (1665-1667) -- an angel takes Peter by the hand

From Jerusalem to Rome

The evangelist Luke recounts heavenly mysteries in the Bible, and angels play a key role.

Heavenly beams shine down through the clouds on a curving highway.

Angels on Board

A family is shaken by a car crash except for one lad who glimpsed four divine protectors.

Lauryn thanks the amazing group who saved her life.

Saved by Angels

Weighing just 79 pounds, Lauryn Lax was deathly ill when eight strangers intervened.

Jul 25, 2014
An elk pulls a marmot out of a water tank with it's mouth.

Meet an Unlikely Hero

Watch as baffled Idaho zoo officials discover the reason for an elk's amazing behavior. 

Jul 22, 2014

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