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An artist's rendering of a smiling boy undergoing an X-ray

A Youngster's Comforting Vision of His Pappy

Her young son was nervous about his chest X-ray, but a surprise visit allayed his fears.

operating room photo with three angelic lights in background

Angels Along for the Ride

I was afraid because I didn’t know what lay ahead for me...

John recollects saving Roxie as his number one achievement.

An Unforgettable Hero

Watch John reunite with the little girl who made him an inspiring hero. 

Jul 4, 2014
artist's rendering of an angel in the sky.

Guided to Heaven by His Guardian Angel

In her husband's final days, a heavenly visitor healed him of pain and fear.

An artist's rendering of an angel on the rooftop of a house

Rescue Psalm 91

Three new roofs in four years, and another hailstorm was headed their way. What to do?

Boy's hand held reassuringly.

The Angels of Hemby Hospital

A mother with a sick child is comforted by a group of children from the other side.

Jennie Bailor

An Inspiring Life Lesson

She felt alone in the aftermath of an auto accident, but was she alone when it happened?

A photo of a pretzel vendor's wares

The Angel of Times Square

Lost in a desolate section of Manhattan, she was fearful about finding her way to the bright lights of midtown.

angel wing

The Little Blond Angel

A desperate woman in an abusive relationship is rescued by an unlikely angel.

An artist's rendering of a coyote angel

A Coyote Guide

She and her dog were shown a new path, a new perspective, by an unlikely angel.

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