Recent Cookies Stories

An artist's rendering of an angel in the sky

In this excerpt from The Best Angel Stories 2014, God answers a woman's prayer in a most unusual way.

by Joan E. McClure

Snickers candy bar

In a moment of hunger, I prayed to God for just one thing…

by Esther Hylden
, Park River, North Dakota

Christmas cookies

She loved baking cookies with her pal every Christmas, but now they were on opposite coasts!

by Terry Carr
, Potomac, Maryland

A tray of chocolate chip cookies in the oven

I clearly received the message from a loving God: Even when times are hard, I’ll help you get through them.

by Lynne M. Heinzmann
, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Jennifer Clark Vihel

She'd already given up so much for her gluten-free diet. Would she have to stop baking her favorite Christmas treat, too?

by Jennifer Clark Vihel
, Itasca, Illinois

Gluten-Free Soft Christmas Biscotti

These delectable treats make the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family!

by Jennifer Clark Vihel
, Itasca, Illinois

Turkey Cookies for Thanksgiving

The kids will love making these meaningful treats.

by Cheryl Lagler
, Zionsville, Pennsylvania

Lori Torman with daughter Casey and husband Barry
Her daughter was a young woman with special needs and so much to offer. Could she find a vocation for her?
by Lori Torman
, St. Petersburg, Florida

Kathleen King in front of Tates Bake Shop

At age 40, she lost the business she'd started decades before. Today, she's back stronger and sweeter than ever.

by Kathleen King
, Southampton, New York

Kathleen King in front of Tates Bake Shop

These professional secrets will inspire you to turn out tasty treats like a master baker!

Shawnelle Eliasen and her husband, Lonny

Husband and wife go head to head in a baking contest.

by Shawnelle Eliasen
, Port Byron, Illinois

Dora Aandedur teaches her grandkids to make lefse.

She was more than a neighbor; she was a guardian angel who shared a recipe never to be forgotten.

by Dora Aanderud
, Hutchinson, Minnesota

Judy Reed and her brother Tim

Family harmony is restored when the holidays help two siblings put a lingering squabble behind them.

by Judy Reed
, Norfolk, Virginia

Festival Apple Dumplings

Enjoy the pleasing pastries Patty Hammond brings to her church's annual Apple Butter Festival.

by Patty Hammond
, Warren, Ohio

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