God Is Always Ready to Listen

Have you ever wondered if God is truly waiting to hear from you?

By Rick Hamlin, New York, New York

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The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him. . . . Psalm 145:18

I had just read a passage in a book about prayer, explaining how God was always waiting to hear from us, that He longed for us to call, that He was always ready to listen. Something slightly cynical in me bridled at the notion.

As ready as I usually am to yammer on about things, I couldn’t quite see how God would be so ready and willing to listen to me. Then in the middle of my morning, when I had a meeting in a half hour, tons of e-mails to be answered and a huge impatience with any interruptions, the phone rang. “Hello,” I answered quickly, making sure my tone said, “I’m busy. Make it brisk.”

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“Hey, Dad.” It was William, 7:30 in the morning his time of day. He was on his Blue Tooth commuting to work. All at once my tone changed. “William, how are you?”

He told me about the job he was on right now and how he found it frustrating. He talked about a good friend who had gotten a job in the Bay Area and was moving to his neighborhood. He described a dinner party a group of young women had thrown that Wednesday. I was able to ask him about the job interview, the final round he was going for on Friday afternoon. “At this point, if they offer me something, I’m really tempted to take it,” he said. “Gotta go.”

“Me too,” I said.

Ten minutes was all, but they were the heart of my day. I’d connected with my son; he’d connected with me. For those ten minutes, even though I was intensely busy, I had all the time in the world.

Later I went back to that passage about prayer. I got it, or at least got why God is often compared to a father: He hangs on every word, and He’s always ready to listen.

Our Father, Who art in heaven—glad You’re listening.

Rick Hamlin is executive editor of Guideposts and the author of 10 Prayers You Can't Live Without from Guideposts Books. To learn more about the book, watch his video.

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Thanks, Rick. The Lord has been waiting to hear from me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a "call" to make...

Good job, Rick! Thanks for sharing. I'm a Dad, as well,
and my son Clay (a Chef) is 38!!! So, yes, make the "world" stop when God opens "our front door." He LOVES the family
of man, doesn't He?! And be thankful. Oh, and Son trained @ the CIA of Hyde Park. He caught the train frequently to NYC. He loved those visits. But, Rick - his most favored structure in the City: The Twin Towers. On that day, he
was in Switzerland working with a friend. We talked many times. He was sick with worry. The Swiss were very unsup-
portive, as they are neutral. Again, good story. I had
the very same conversation with my son when he decided on
his "leap of faith"...his love of food.

Thanks for that very relevant reminder. So simple, yet easy to forget. The very sound of a child's voice put's everything else on hold and suddenly, no matter what, this is your priority.
Trying to believe that God would react in a similar way can be difficult, until I recognize that anything I can do He can do better. Earthly relationships are a shadow of the real thing, so if we, being evil can feel this, how much more our Heavenly Father! Wow, I just love that!

I have a 6.30am prayer meeting every Monday morning and because I have to rush out, sometimes, I don't have an effective quiet time. This morning, I had 10 mins prayer before the first person came in. But I felt fulfilled that I'd had 10 mins with the Lord. Rick Hamlin's story confirms that those 10 mins actually mattered to God more. Thanks for the real life analogy, Rick!

So True! (Rick Hamlin story) I feel like a day without touching base with my 24 year old daughter 100 miles away . . . well, there has got to be something wrong. When she does call (usuallly every day!) it is just the usual fill in on their day and connections they made. Nothing earth shattering. Without that call, though, I find myself . . . well, uh, waiting until I cross her mind, waiting and wanting. Never thought how God might feel exactly like me!

all good inspiring stories. Wish i could get my husband to read. I know they would help him. I could get him 1st to have a long chat with God for starters.

please pray for Mildred Marceleno she is having kidney problem please pray for her to get healed also for Linda Orona has the same problem with her kidneys too

Hello Linda. We would encourage you to also post your request at OurPrayer.org, where a trained volunteer will pray for your concerns and struggles.