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Cuddly Kittens: A Devotional for Kids

God knows that we are all weak at times and he wants us to show gentleness and love to one another.

By Pamela Kennedy with Douglas Kennedy


What does God say?
Gentle words bring life and health.—Proverbs 15:4a

When kittens are born, they are very small. Their little eyes aren’t even open until a week or two later. They cannot walk well and they need their mothers to take very good care of them so they will be safe. They can be hurt easily if they are not held carefully, or if they are squeezed too tightly.

Kittens need to stay warm too. If they get too cold, they could die. But if a kitten is well cared for by its mother, and if it is protected while it is still very young, it will grow up to be a healthy, happy cat.

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It is good to be gentle and to protect baby animals from harm, to treat them with kindness and to care for them. But sometimes people need special care too. There are times when we all feel weak or small. We might be frightened or just not very strong in some way. That’s when we need family and friends to help and protect us.

God knows that we are all weak at times and he wants us to show gentleness and love to one another. He wants us to help and care for each other so we can all grow up to be healthy and happy people.

What do you say?

• What are these kittens doing?

• Why do you think God wants you to be a kind and gentle friend?

• Why do kittens need to be protected?

• When have you felt like you needed someone to protect and care for you?

This devotion is reprinted from My Big Book of 5-Minute Devotions by Pamela Kennedy with Douglas Kennedy © 2007. Published by Ideals Children's Books.