Divine Appointments

Debbie Macomber shares how you can recognize God's hand at work in your life.

By Debbie Macomber, Port Orchard, Washington

O Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago. Isaiah 25:1

As I grow older, I’ve come to recognize God’s hand in my life more and more. For instance, the night I met Wayne, I had a date who canceled at the last moment. I was dressed and ready to go, only to have my plans dashed. No more than a half hour later the phone rang again; it was a friend of my roommate’s who was looking for a date to take to a movie. That was how I met my husband.

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One summer something occurred that had God’s fingerprints all over it. I was in Phoenix on tour with a number of events scheduled. My travel plans are arranged a year in advance and my schedule on the road is usually jam-packed, but for some inexplicable reason, that particular morning was open.

As it happened, the son of one of our dearest friends was to be buried that day in Phoenix and his funeral was that morning. I’m convinced that God knew and prepared the way for me to attend Michael’s funeral. I was able to be in church to love, support and comfort our friends.

God’s intervention is evident in every corner of my life; I call these “divine appointments.” Often, I don’t recognize these intersections of time and eternity until much later. It takes what seems to be happenstance to show me once again that He is in control of every detail.

Open my eyes, Lord Jesus, to Your divine appointments.

This devotion is excerpted from Patterns of Grace: Devotions from the Heart.

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Highly touching .inspired me

that was really a good reminder. thanks for that

I can relate to this devotional. As I have grown older, I can look back and see God's fingerprints all over my life. It has made me more aware of His presence each day and I look for that divine intervention. Isn't HE awesome?

Thank you for the reminder!


This happens to me constantly. We just have to be able to recognize these gifts

I often speak of making decisions based on hearing "that little voice," in my head. Not really a voice, but more of a mental nudge to do this instead of that, go there instead of here. Sometimes that voice directs me where i don't want to go, but I have discovered that I better listen. When I don't, the carpet is usually pulled out from under me. I believe that "voice" is God, or God through my guardian angel leading me. It is a warm, comforting feeling.

Thank you for sharing this message. I usually skip over this stuff in my mail,because my box is always so full, but I was led to read this. I am in Tempe, Az. I myself can look back in my life and see divine intervention. One of the things that led my husband and myself in that direction comes from the bold message of the verse you shared. When we began to ask questions and really wanted to know why we believe what we believe,(other than it is what we have always been taught)we were shocked and in awe. We wanted the perspective of never having being taught anything by man, but only what we read in the Bible ourselves. That is, before the words and meanings have been changed. So our journey began and it has changed our lives completely. Now we know and are continuing to learn. Here is that same verse, restored. Isa 25:1 O Yahweh, thou art my Elohim; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things, even counsels of old, in faithfulness and truth. (Lord and God are not names, just titles, that include false gods, and Jesus is not his name either and means absolutely nothing)Yeshua means Yahweh saves)Of course the question had to be asked then, why has the sacred names been changed, (taking away from and adding to) and replaced? Who gave man that authority? Suddenly I realized that over 6000 verses bear his true name and the authority and blessings that come with them, and no one ever told me. I was devastated and angry that I was betrayed, even if unwittingly. So when I began to study and research, my eyes were finally opened and I have found true freedom. Now when I read these verses, I know exactly what he is saying and not what man says he is saying. btw, the names being changed originated from Pharisaical law, (which the savor spoke against)as an attempt to not violate the third commandment, which we actually do, by changing what he wrote and commanded. Many don't know this. We are just comfortable and accept what we have always known and been taught by man. One only needs to open the first few pages of their own Bible and you will read excuses why man changed the word. Don't accept that, question it and you will see where divine intervention can lead you, if you are willing to follow. Then, that same verse will bear so much more meaning, along with the thousands of others that command us to honor his true name. That is true intimacy on a personal level, never imagined before. Blessings

Yes, many times I have thought about when something that can begin badly and turns out so well.... that it must be divine providence. Last time this occured was during tax time this past year. I got my taxes together last minute and instead of all receipts in manila envelope and all together ready to go to tax person. I have been going through a bit of depression so when it again, dawned on me last minute that I needed to get my taxes done- I had an absolute panic attack as I searched this desk and that desk and box here, another box there... till finally I had all together at end of day. By eight thirty that night I finally walked into tax office half hr before closing. I went to another office for taxes other than my usual in community I live in. And met an angel. The lady who prepared my taxes has a husband that served in Iraq, with my husband's company. My husband was killed in Iraq, in 2003. She treated me SO WELL plus having some common ground with her.... It just felt like the Lord put the end of a crazy day with guiding me to this tax office.

Devine appointments are always present the closer we walk with God the clearer to see them will become.


First of all let me preface by saying how much I enjoy and look forward to your "beautiful romantic and clean" stories. I loved your style from your very first book.

I thank you for sharing your divine stories. I have similar experiences, and like you...sometimes realize it after the fact. But, all is designed by our Loving Father above.

Love your Christmas stories! They are heart warming and my type of stories.

May God continue to bless your life in abundance.

P.S. "I am an author too...Christian non-fiction, and have recently started novels romantic ones. If they bless someone, even one person as much as your books have to others, then I will be truly blessed!"

Peace and blessings,

C D Swanson


I've come to think of these as "puzzle pieces" coming together perfectly, by His hand! Many pieces yet to fit in place, the last, no doubt the topmost right hand corner saved for last as I'm ushered homeward!!

Thank you for sharing your Divine Appointments article...I have had many of those, and what a joy to know that God is really in control, in spite of our daily plans. Many blessings to you!

Reading your stories made me realize how certain things in my life happened that I thought "what co-incidence." Now i know it wasn't it was Jesus all the time. My Divine Intervention.

I really love reading God's hand at work in your life Debbie. As I was reading it, many similar examples came to my mind and I had that warm felling that I was not also reading it by coincidence, so thank you for send me a reminder that God is always with us. THANK YOU