Quiet Time with Jesus

I started out drawn in by the New Testament until Jesus reminded me to “look around,” that He had more to share from His heart.

By Tricia Goyer, Little Rock, Arkansas


When I first started quiet time I thought the goal was to learn as much about God as I could. I read commentaries and studied books. Then one day I felt God whispering to my heart, "You know about Me, but take a moment and just love Me. I'm right here." After that experience, I continued to study but I also have made sure to simply spend time in Jesus' presence.

I wake up before anyone else. With my husband, our college student, a teenager, my grandma, and a one-year-old that's the ONLY time it's quiet. In addition to sitting down with my Bible and journal, sometimes I'll read while I'm on my recumbent bicycle. I'll read Scripture and then close my eyes and pray for various concerns. Sometimes I sit on my couch with my Bible, a journal, and a few devotional books.

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For me, quiet time only works if I grab my Bible as soon as I'm awake. If I "just check on email" or "throw in a load of laundry," I usually get distracted and off course. When I sit down, I also pray and ask God to open my mind and my heart. I ask Him to lead me to the Bible passage He has for me. I don't try to rush through it just to get it done. God's revelations don't come in perfect 10-minute time slots.

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Tricia Goyer, best-selling and award-winning author, has written more than twenty-seven books. Tricia’s intention is to serve ordinary women by encouraging extraordinary things with God’s help. In addition to writing, she enjoys sharing Jesus’ love through volunteering as a mentor for teenage moms in her community and ministering in the Czech Republic on missions trips. Tricia and her husband, John, have four children and live in Arkansas. You can find out more about Tricia at triciagoyer.com.

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I can truly relate to this. I always find myself putting time with God on the back burner in the morning when time never fails to get away from me. A lot of mornings, I'll take my coffee outside & sit in the quiet, watching everything come alive. I use that time to thank God for everything. But it's not the same as sitting down w/my Bible and surrounding myself with good readings (like you), and truly give my full attention to the Lord.

Thank you for this blessing.

I know exactly what you mean- I also find that I need to put time for being with Him first before even the most mundane errands- or I end up getting distracted. I have to clock in each day at a production job I work at by 8:00 am, so this means basically setting my alarm clock a bit earlier so I can make time for focusing on Him through scripture, and prayer,etc. Then when I'm in the car, I have a little devotional book set aside where I will blindly open to what He has for me that I can read when stuck at the traffic lights.
At work, I keep a small pocket sized bible in my pocket or purse that I bring into the bathroom to read something quick there too when I feel compelled.

Lunch breaks are only 45 minutes but what a blessing they are to be alone with Him ! I sit on the sidewalk near my car and while eating, read a little I can squeeze in of something inspirational about Jesus from the psalms, gospels, and other Holy Spirit inspired books.

The Lord lets me feel His presence while I'm working too and shows me how I can practice His presence WHILE I work- doing even the smallest things He presents to me for the love of Him. I was inspired to this by reading the biography of Brother Lawrence, "The Practice of the Presence of God".

By nature I have what they call "Spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder" worse than anyone-- but God helps us in spite of ourselves!..lol.

PS. thanks so much for your commentaries about connecting with Jesus- I love reading them :-)

Very nice post, Lisa A. :-)