When You Doubt God's Love

A devotion to help you remember God loves in good times and in bad.

By Janice L. Hansen

READ: Therefore my father loves me.—John 10:17

REFLECT: It was a beautiful day. As I headed home at the end of it, I heard two young girls giggling. They were sprawled on the lawn, pulling petals out of a daisy and chanting. He loves me... he loves me not... he loves me... Silly game, I said to myself. Someday they’ll know that true love isn’t ruled by chance.

But you know, old as I am, I’m often just as foolish when it comes to God’s love for me. I get a raise at work; God loves me. My hours get cut back; He loves me not. I get a good grade on my test; God loves me. I can’t get into a class I want; He loves me not.

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How silly of me! Why don’t I remember that God loves me all the time, that even my disappointments are part of the love? I don’t need a daisy to tell me that!

PRAY: It’s true, Father, that my understanding of Your love is sometimes that silly. Thank You for Your Word that assures me of Your love in all circumstances.

DO: Pull the petals off a flower and with each one declare, “He loves me, He loves me, He loves me.”

Excerpted from Time Out for the Spirit.

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Love this and i remember doing this when i was a kid.. But when i find a daisy i will do it the right way cause i know GOD loves me ..

I love the videos of cats! Please send some more, God bless you.

I start each day reading my Guide Post Devotional and Magazine, along with my Bible study and other books. It helps me get thorough each day by staying closer to God. Guide Post is a wonderful way to read Gods word and hear how He works in the lives of others. I am so glad I was introduced to it many years ago. Thanks to all who devote their time and energy into helping others come closer to our Lord ans Savior.

Sincerely Your,
Laura Speer
Olathe, KS

Janice, you're right; he loves me all the time.

Phyllis Jones