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Transform the way you think
and live with daily inspiration
and practical tips taken from
Dr. Peale's bestselling book,
Power of Positive Thinking.
daily easy-to-follow instructions
can help you create positive
change in your life as well as
help you deepen your
relationship with God.

Utilize Minute Prayers.

Pray as you go about the business of the day. Utilize minute prayers by closing your eyes to shut out the world and concentrating briefly on God's presence. The more you do this every day, the nearer you will feel God's presence.

Excerpted from The Power of Positive Thinking, the inspirational best-selling book by Norman Vincent Peale

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OK. I will try to register on your site. It just seems strange that I would receive Mornings with Jesus and Weekly Inspiration but not the Daily Scripture and Reflection newsletter. Thank you.

It is odd, it's true. Hopefully, once you've registered and posted again (be sure to let me know in that post that it's you), our tech people can take a look and figure something out.

What happened to the Daily Scripture and Reflection newsletter? I have not received it in a week and I really miss it. Yes I did check my spam folder, and it is not there. The last one I received was June 11th.

Again, we're not hearing from anyone else who is experiencing the problem, so it's hard to know what might be going wrong for you. Our tech people will be happy to look into it for you to see what they can figure out, but they'd need your email address to do so. If you're registered on our site, please log in and post another comment (they can access your email that way). If you're not registered, please consider doing so and then logging in and posting again. That way, they can take a look at what might be going wrong without you having to provide your email address here in this public forum.

What happened to the Daily Scripture and Reflection newsletter? I have not received it in a week and I really miss it.

Hello. That newsletter is still going out and we've received no word from other users that they haven't received it. Have you checked your spam folder to if perhaps the most recent mailings somehow ended up there?

What happened to the Daily Devotions? They were short, concise and helpful, now you seem to want to force me to read the columnists. Don't want to. Bring them back along with Norman Vincent Peale's messages. Oy, change isn't always good.

Where can I get the booklets titled "thought conditioners" and the condensed VSN of "The power of positive thinking"

For info about our complimentary publications, call 1-800-935-0158, ext 0404 or go to: http://www.guidepostsfoundation.org/complimentary-publications/booklets