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Transform the way you think
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Dr. Peale's bestselling book,
Power of Positive Thinking.
daily easy-to-follow instructions
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help you deepen your
relationship with God.

Relax to Gain Power.

One of my friends always seems to be at ease. He does everything efficiently and quietly. He told me his secret: "I try to keep myself in tune with God. Every morning, after breakfast, my wife and I go into the living room for a period of quietness. One of us reads aloud some inspirational piece to get us into the mood for meditation. Following that, we sit quietly, each praying or meditating. Then, together we affirm the thought that God is filling us with strength and quiet energy. This is a fifteen-minute ritual we never miss."

Excerpted from The Power of Positive Thinking, the inspirational best-selling book by Norman Vincent Peale