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Transform the way you think
and live with daily inspiration
and practical tips taken from
Dr. Peale's bestselling book,
Power of Positive Thinking.
daily easy-to-follow instructions
can help you create positive
change in your life as well as
help you deepen your
relationship with God.

Practice Emptying the Mind.

I have the habit every night of emptying all my pockets. As I do, I'm always sure that the wastebasket is near. It occurred to me one night to empty my mind as I empty my pockets; for through the day, I pick up a lot of things that I am better off discarding. Everyone ought to spend at least 15 minutes a day emptying the mind. You may say, "I can think of some minds that could be emptied in less than that." Perhaps, but I assure you that it would take much longer to empty out some of the terrible things in many minds.

Excerpted from The Power of Positive Thinking, the inspirational best-selling book by Norman Vincent Peale