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Recent Dog Stories

A neighbor's kind deed saves a dog and inspires an owner to stop a bad habit.

by Colleen Hughes

Teri Polo in her new movie A Christmas Shepherd

The actress shares how her new holiday film with Hallmark is all about second chances, new beginnings and man's best friend. 

by Jessica Toomer
, New York, NY

How to help the homeless? Change them? Or change ourselves? One dog shows the way.

by Edward Grinnan

Kate and Pippin cuddle up in the back yard.

Immediately upon meeting, Pippin, a deer, and Kate, a great Dane, became inseparable.

A Siberian Husky howls to calm a crying baby.

All it took was this Siberian Husky's howls to soothe a crying baby, proving that dogs make the best babysitters.

Sgt. Chris Duke and his wife with Rufus and Target
A sergeant whose life was saved in Afghanistan by two heroic dogs is reunited with them upon his return home.

A rescued dog named Fiona

Watch as a small stray has her sight restored and is paired with a new loving family.

A Jack Russell Terrier

Having lost her two beloved schnauzers, she wondered if there was room in her heart for another pooch.

by Georgianna Fosco DeMory
, Wheaton, Illinois

Loca the Irish Pug

Loca is an adorable pooch with just one fault: She can't seem to get the hang of running.

Jan Nash's poodle/terrier mix stray, Angel

I rarely go out late at night, but because of my dog's odd behavior, I decided to take her out. She hurried into the parking lot and darted off...

by Jan Nash
, Duluth, Minnesota

Mittens the Pekingese

When a nearly frozen stray kitten showed up at Pat Weber's home in Jordan, Minnesota, Pat's dog, Mittens, took it upon herself to nurse her.

Jesse, the dog who can do useful dog tricks

Jesse is one smart little pup who can do all sorts of household tasks.

French bulldog puppy rubs noses with huge NYPD horse

A French bulldog pup and a towering NYPD police horse strike up an inspiring (and adorable) acquaintance.

They were constant companions. And when it was time to say goodbye, she looked down into the eyes of love...

by Trudy Harris

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