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A paper lantern glowing against the night sky is a reminder of God's presence

A Heavenly Reminder of God's Presence in Our Lives

What a beautiful sight our hearts can enjoy when we envision ourselves and those we love being led along by the mighty hand of a loving God.

Hands holding sand in a heart-shape to symbolize Jesus' love for us

Where Faith Becomes Real

Jesus doesn't always guide us though signs...sometimes He speaks directly to our hearts.

Resting with Jesus

Resting with Jesus

Discover the benefits of taking a break with the Lord.

A rushing light to symbolize speeding through everything... even God's Word

Are You Rushing Through God's Word?

 I'd fallen into a terrible habit of skimming through my email, Twitter...even Scripture.

Inspire your faith on the road

Re-Inspire Your Faith in One Easy Step

There is something inside us that views the vast, wonderful sky and can’t help but declare, “He is here!”

A Father's Perfect Prayer

A Father's Perfect Prayer

God is a breath away. He wants to hear what you have to say.

A devotion to increase your faith

Increase Your Faith

What qualities do you need to decrease in your life so that Jesus may increase in you?

Deepen your faith

Invest in Your Spiritual Life

A devotion to help you take stock in your relationship with Jesus.

Celebrate Independence Day with this Devotion

Lift Your Spirit This July Fourth!

Take a few moments to remind yourself that no matter what the outer events of your life are, you always have that most precious of all freedoms—the freedom to choose your own attitude!

Celebrate Independence Day with this classic devotion from Ruth Stafford Peale

God Bless America!

Celebrate the true meaning of Independence Day with this classic devotion.

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