Pray for Others

That my husband gets the job that he needs for the next two years. That my commute improves somehow. That our financial problems ease. That we finally get our dream house. And maybe most of all, that I don't feel like God has abandoned us and my faith in Him is restored.

My daughter has sent out résumés for employment. Please pray that a good steady job is available in Jesus name.

Please pray for guidance and direction regarding my matroage

Please pray the Lord comforts Don, and grants him much-needed sleep. He is elderly, heart-broken and worried after bad news about one of his children. Thank you for praying.

Praying for my sister Vikki for God to give her understanding and wisdom during this difficult time on her job. Praying that she does not loose focus, because of the unfair treatment she is experiencing. I know that prayer changes things and because of her faithfulness God is going to restore her and bless her beyond measure. This is just the struggle she has to go through at this time.

I'm going through a very stressful situation and need strength and peace from the Lord and release of worry, anxiety and fear. Thank you for your prayers!

Please ask the Lord to heal my broken heart and return my true love JSC to me. Thank you for caring and praying for me!

Please pray that the Lord will heal my shyness and quietness and will bless me with the gift of gab so that I'm able to carry on a conversation and not be so quiet. That I can think of things to say without hesitation and be interesting and engaging.
Thank you for your prayers and for caring and may the Lord answer all of your requests.

I pray for my son Justin, that he truly finds the desires of his heart. That he knows what he really needs. That he can find someone are something that can really help him. Because he wii not take my advice or any thing I say to encourage him. As a mother I am at wits end and it hurts me to see him hurting. He needs to find help on his own. I want my loving Jesus to keep him safe for me, his daughter who loves him very much. The rest of his family. I can only turn toy guidepost family to pool and pray for him and his needs because he will not open up to me. He desperately needs a job. But he needs to be responsible. Return to church, believe that prayer works, that Jesus Christ loves him. But I cannot make the choices for him. He needs to do it on his own. To be strong and to better himself and to deeply know that all this is possible. Please pray for him. He needs a big change in his life. And to know that Jesus helped him. Jesus, let him feel loved by.

Please pray for my wife Lidia who has been facing many stresses with her work and clients. Pray that all roadblocks would be removed and that everything would come together to finalize the business deals in place. And that all issues would come to peaceful and perfect resolutions for all involved. Thank you.