Pray for Others

my brother and his god daughter both need Gods healing touch.

Please pray for my neice. Having marital problems has 2 small kids unfaithful husband. She is hurt n weak waiting for God to guide her

Please help J and N, E and E to be safe from all harm tonight and tomorrow.

I pray for employment very soon. I have been fully unemployed for some years and have been thoroughly looking since. I have had some temporary opportunities but I need FT employment.

lord help va

In bad need of prayer. I do have faith but I'm not sure I can hang in until God answers my prayers. My situation at work is unbearable and it just keeps getting worse.

God please grant son:Sebastian & son:Domenic & self & loved ones-as Your will provides. JESUS NAME YES & AMEN.

My marriage is under attack from the enemy. My husband has been unfaithful to me many times over the 33 years we have been married. He has addiction issues as well.

May God Bless Everyone !Thank You God for You & everyone who prays!!! TY God for loving my son Mike, held safely in Your arms, for Your help on our journeys, with perceptions & regulated emotions, healing from & protection protection from negative actions & energies!! & forgiveness of the past for us both!! For peaceful happy resolution of needed issues & LOVING EACH OTHER. TY God for healing, forgiveness, patience with each other, my willingness to heal, relieve his burdens, to heal from my love for him God & me, his willingness to cease unhelpful behaviors, support my healing needs, & willingness to help shield me from stresses. Particularly, I pray for his mercies so he doesn't abandon me or his or my needs, in this, & our being freed fm fear. TY for Your help God that we easily Rest & SLEEP, Rest & SLEEP!! Guided by You. For Your Blessings to his income on U. C., Book, & protected sources of abundances. TY God for Your mannnny blessings for Everyone today!!!

Please pray for my friends & grandparents: JIm & Sally -God's forgiveness, mercy, love & blessings In JESUS NAME YES Amen.