Pray for Others

Please pray for me to be more wise in God's wisdom

​For C's breakthru breakthru breakthru now into easily sustained physical healing, & EVERYONE'S!! For PROTECTION from all NEGATIVE ENERGIES, they DECREASE steadily including negative thot actions emotions, for protection protection for all needed, willingness for qwsG skills, now, t solution!! for enuf rest & SLEEP SLEEP for C & M, for courage, EAGER happy HEALING WILLINGNESS that SUSTAINS including much PHYSICAL PROGRESS still SUSTAINED after all physical exertions done for day for everyone! For Perfect PRACTITIONERS methods/modifications now! For rapid BOUNCEBACK tissues circulation vessels nerves TEETH Bones & emotions from physical/all stress. We pray FOR LOVE LOVE LOVE & FREEDOM FROM FEAR for ALL, for healing miracles for everyone, all drawing us closer to You Lord!!

Chester and Corina-,Greg,Elien ,Anthony and Jay

treatment for prostate cancer

replacements for retired partner and another staff member

chronic pain, eczema on hands

diverticulitis, diabetes, internal bleeding

sexual sin, etc

Love from Jesus to be worthy and accepted not made to fearless than for believing in myself and God

Hi, I need prayer for my daughter Lila 22yr.s old and her boyfriend rick 21 yr.s old that God teaches them to be kind to each other ,for salvation from Lord Jesus, and for Lila and Erick to be quick to listen slow to speak, and slow to anger, For Lila and Erick to realize much better to be kind than who's right. Praise God and thank u 4 your prayers. Oh yes and for my daughter Lila not to be jelous and for Erick to be a stand up guy giving Lila nothing to be jelous about.