Pray for Others

The Dr. said my kitty is showing signs of kidney failure. I know only God knows the number of our days, so I pray for the best quality of life for him all the days he's on this earth with me. Thank you.

I have irritable bowel syndrom and sleep disorders. I also need a job and direction as to what kind of job. Thank you

Chris [son] spiritual/mental attack, Eden [cutting self] Paul, Sunny [lost son]

God please set me free from smoking, i do good for.a while and so on.

Please pray that mom will accept all help offered in her time as care giver to dad who has dementia

heavenly father jesus/yahshua please forgive every mistake, please save my friends, please save me, please block demonic, satanic, witchcraft, voodoo, technologically created dreams please look at the dream i had when i last went to sleep please stop me from masturbating or looking at porn

Lord, please let the weather be nice for our vacation. Right now it show it as hot with 80% chance of rain. Please let it be cooler and not rain. We haven't had a vacation in a while, and were really looking forward to it. Thank you.

Please pray for Lauren and Miles

Requesting prayers of favor as my elderly Mother will be assess for in home supportive services. Her health is declining and needs daily assistance. Praying for professional & compassionate interactions with the Social Worker.
Praying she'll be approved for services therefore I can become her official Caregiver. In Jesus' name, Amen

Please pray with me. I am unemployed. Please pray that I find a job that is good for me, that benefits others and that takes care of my financial needs and desires now and in the future.
Thank you. Peace be with you.