Pray for Others

TY God for C head & neck pain gone esp R side, for SLÈEEEEEP for C & M tonight, For C HEALED R ARM (L arm a bit) R FOOT, 4th toes, C & M moist comfortable healthy tissues, free of Excess Mucous, CLEARED EARS SINUSES (ears hear well!) only-healthy-organisms in body, especially stomach, for Perfect PH Balance & Tissues Hydrated, Left SHOULDER/CHEST DISCHARGE AREA HEALED, for strong healed CIRCULATION healed CIRCULATION in TISSUES BLOOD VESSELS LEGS FEET ARMS esp R arm/foot & HEAD NECK sides of L esp, & in Eyes, & from bed, pillows, BATHROOM trips affects, big protection fm negative energies,& emotions, for HEALED TEETH ESP UPPER RIGHT REAR TWO, energy stamina strength endurance, God bless all praying & everyone's speedy total healing!

Please pray that our Sunday service is filled with people hungry for the Word of God, that the Holy Spirit moves, all by the Lord's grace and all to the Lord's glory!

i need help with depression. I have had surgery and have been out of work for over 4 months. I feel like i am never going to get well enough to return to work. I also found out that our office is closing and I will be out of work by august. I cannot get out of bed some days, i rarely leave the house except for physical therapy and Doctor appointments. I do not have the energy to clean or cook. I depend on my husband, who works nights. I feel hopeless. Please help!!

Good morning. Dear Lord pls bless our home business with big and many sales. I keep knocking and knocking about receiving the blessing of a child...pls Lord the time is now!

Pray Liz goes home today thank you and is safe

Pray that Darren knows how much I love him!!!!

that god heals me and especially my knee that never healed from surgery and get me a job i can do and keep that dont involve tons of walking

Please pray for salvation for Ella’s husband Bill and the gentlemen (Chuck, Booker, Bruce and Bill) I converse with at the park and at the gym (Jasper, Mike, Bob, Mickey, Norm and their wives , as applicable and all of the gym staff that are not saved) and at the YMCA (Bill and his wife and any of the staff that are not saved). Thank you.

Father, Heal and restore our country. Have Your people humble themselves and pray and seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways so that You will hear us from heaven and will forgive our sins and heal our land in accordance with Your word. Amen.

Please pray for my little one Missy she is having some problems with her health and I pray that Jesus will hold her in his arms and comfort and heal her. Thank you