Pray for Others

Please pray that I find a significant other soon. I thought I met someone recently, but he wasn't genuine. Please also pray for strength for me to get over him. Thank you.

Please pray that Beverly and Cynthia do not get any water in their basement. Please pray that Cynthia does not have a valve problem.

Please keep my children safe at camp and every where else. Please let my sister get the job she wants after losing her current job. Please do not let the assistant get into any trouble because of me. Please let the art teacher find a new job and get let out of her contract. Please forgive me if I hurt her feelings in any way. I feel bad about what happened and any part I played in it.

Myranda is my granddaughter and is going through a very challenging time--she has moved and is homesick; she is in love but not loved back; she is starting a new course of study that will be two-years of intense study and work with only a week off at Christmas. Please pray for her---she has cried so many tears and is exhausted.

Praying for urgent financial needs and income to pay monthly bills. Praying for guidance . Thanking God for His daily provisions. Amen

Dear lord I pray that you will help me to build a stronger and respectful working relationship with me today and everyday thank you

Please pray for me. I am very lonely and have no friends. I recently changed graduate programs and the people in my new group ignore me. I have been excluded from the group and constantly hear about them doing things as a group without me. I realize this sounds immature but grad school takes up 100% of my time and I literally have no friends. I am also very afraid I will be alone when I am older. Please pray for me that I will find friends and that I will not be alone when I am older.
Thank you and God bless you all

I would like to ask a prayer for my life and my family, may the Lord God give us understanding and wisdom all the days of our lives, and bless us to accomplish our goals.

Pray that Rev, K. will be healed from lung cancer. Pray for his family also. Rev. K. is a prostate caner survivor.

Dear Lord God heavenly father through your son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, please provide us oh Lord the wisdom on how we can overcome these struggles in health problem for the whole family. Lord God please put your healing touch upon us who are sick and scared..I trust you Lord that you will heal us and provide us the help we needs..We surrender it all into your hands!..Bless us with strength and healing..I pray too for the soul of my brother M.F.,,that he is now rest in peace..Thank you Lord that everything is over for my brother..Now we are worried about our health but we trust you Lord..Forgive us our sins and grant your will..I pray this In Jesus' name I pray, amen..