Pray for Others

A young man named Malachai - and his companions were victims of a drive by shooting down the street from my freind Iris' home in I. His father also asked the country to pray for his son. “Please pray with a full heart that the Holy One grant him a full recovery and save his life,” he said. And plese prayfor peace in I. and throughout the world. Thank you God bless you.

Pray that I will put God first in my life and pursue him with my whole heart

Pray that Betse - will be saved

To live in total obedience to God's Word in every area of my life. To walk in righteousness and holiness everyday.

Please pray for healing his heart is bad and please pray for salvation that he accepts Jesus.....thanks so much.

elderly parents healed and painfree and energy and for me plenty of income and work coming in and rain in C. I ask in the name of father,son and holy spirit.amen

Thank You God, everyone praying for Catherine & Michael's growing abundances & health, & these for everyone. For many new viewers & income Mike's Y. c., perfect buyer for his book & other work so Mike can visit at f. home 2x a week. Bless Catherine's healing willingness, perfect tools & practitioners, including perfect CHR sessions, & the willingness of aides, manager, owner of f. home supporting & protecting Catherine's healing space, with lower stresses near healing times.

Please pray for my grandson who is 3 years old and he is very sick with infection and very high fever.Lords protection and recovery.Also for my healing i can not take it any more.I battle for 12 years with a terrible digestive disease.NIA

My sister, Lynn, is having yet another chemo treatment today. She is a brave soul who has complete trust in God and believes in his healing power and love. Please pray that God will heal her completely from colon cancer. God bless all of you faithful prayer warriors.

Dearest Lord, My God, I Pray, SHOW ME Your Power and Glory Today, Beyond My Wildest Dreams Indeed!