Pray for Others

Please pray that Cynthia and Beverly enjoy a healthy, safe, and stress-free vacation, that Cynthia walks faster and doesn't fall, that tour members help Cynthia to walk

Dear lord I pray that you will help my son Alex to receive a job offer tomorrow thank you

Please pray for my mom who has a terminal illness. I want so badly for her to live but help me to relinquish my will and let it be God's will that is done not mine. Help to give us strength and encouragement no matter the outcome and to be happy while we're together.

Please pray for Hugh - who has been recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. 85 years young and one of God's Blessings to others. Please pray that he does not suffer anymore.

Please pray that my husband continues to feel love towards me. Pray that counselling helps us to reconnect.

​For C's breakthru breakthru breakthru now into easily sustained physical healing, & EVERYONE'S!! For PROTECTION from all NEGATIVE ENERGIES, they DECREASE steadily including negative thot actions emotions, for protection protection for all needed, willingness for qwsG skills, now, t solution!! for enuf rest & SLEEP SLEEP for C & M, for courage, EAGER happy HEALING WILLINGNESS that SUSTAINS including much PHYSICAL PROGRESS still SUSTAINED after all physical exertions done for day for everyone! For Perfect PRACTITIONERS incl CHR, methods/modifications now! For rapid BOUNCEBACK tissues circulation vessels nerves TEETH Bones & emotions from physical/all stress. We pray FOR LOVE LOVE LOVE & FREEDOM FROM FEAR for ALL, for healing miracles for everyone, all drawing us closer to You Lord!!

Dear Lord
Please protect my daughter from an unhealthy relationship. She is so young and impressionable. She is being used and manipulated by an older adult and needs your protection. Please watch over her and guide her with your wisdom and love. No more hate. No more bullying from this person who is supposedly her friend. Please watch over her Lord. Send her an angel to watch over her.

Praying for the estrangement from my 3 siblings. Asking God to restore what Satan stole from me. In Jesus name. Thanks and Amen!

We are Praising the Lord so much that Snowy ate more food today!God the glory!

Dear lord I pray that you will help Chris and Teresa continue to build a stronger and loving relationship with my son Alex today and everyday thank you