Pray for Others

Help with the shrinking of my tumors and the healing of my acid reflux .in his name we pray

My 6 yr old grandson is just overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. When he's confronted with something he does not want to do or go, i.e. school, he just runs. His parents have had to chase him into the street. It's terrifying for him but the fear in his eyes is heartbreaking. He plays baseball and some days he wants to play and other days he cries yet he won't quit the team. He loves school and does very well but hates any change in the day, such as a field trip. He goes from being this fearful little guy to being very defiant. His parents are taking him to a therapist soon and hoping that will help him through this. Please join us in praying for God to calm his fears. Thank you.

Please Lord provide complete healing for Georgean

Please pray for God to bless the songs I just released on CD Baby Michael - He,s Everything

Prayer for Stephanie and Rachel and Jennifer and my safety. Pray Ex-mother in law won't be so mean and hateful and try to get even with daughter Stephanie. And that gary will be a better too.

I am requesting prayers for my friend KL, who has been trying to obtain a divorce for several years. She fled her abusive husband and he continues to make her life a living hell. She was recently shot at. Thankfully our Lord protected her and she is okay. Please pray for her continued protection , for closure and for healing. Thank you.

Please pray for my friend Patricia who is suffering from depression and for her younger brother who is wanting to start a whole new life with Christ as hisLord and savior.

TY God for C healed FEET TOES esp Right Foot, & 4th toes, also HEAD NECK PAIN GONE!! ARM FOOT healed shaking gone, all R side. All TEETH healed esp upper R rear, (staying stable for perfect treatment options) 1 lower, SINUS/EARS Cleared Moist Open Drained, ears HEAR perfectly. all BLOOD VESSELS TISSUES strong healed resilient tough and JOINTS/BONES healed in TOES FEET head,neck,sides R knee. Healed strong contracting BLADDER URETHRA SPHINCTERS, Alignment Healed-Muscles holding CENTER UPPER, RIGHT BACK, for complete PROTECTION SAFETY fm Negative Energies & Emotions, PERFECT PH BALANCE, healed EYES, only HEALTHY ORGANISMS, for ESSE, enuf REST SLEEP C & M! WE PRAY THIS FOR ALL NEEDING.

Thank You God everyone's healing & everything for everyone is going so easily, & everyday all is easier easier easier happier healthier easy good decisions more peaceful for everyone than the day before! Thank You this occurs in Your Will & Grace! & We choose Life & uplift self/others with right actions LOVE& perfect strong solutions for the complex problems of our beautiful planet, people & ourselves! Thank You God in true gratitude, with good attitude for Your many many blessings for everyone!

intense healing needed now for joseph who is suffering from deep depression and stomach pain, Dan is overwhelmed with being a Dad and living life, Heal Andy's working relationships, Lynn help her lose weight, KM help her achieve her own classroom, Heal Abby remove her hateful energy to see KM, Tonya, Patricia, Dick, Mike, Gil, Jon, Kara, George, Anthony, The W., Jay, Jeff