Pray for Others

Dear Lord and our Father In heaven, i come to you today as sinner and as a child of Yours. God, you have given my husband and I a wonderful gift - my baby. I pray that he will be born on August 9 healthy. I prAy that he will not have any illnesses or anything. Dear God, I pray that my credit card application will go thru. As we really need the money. Our baby is unfortunate to be born to us.. As we are bad parents with no saving. Lord, I really need miracle, please help us and our baby. As I really learn my mistake. I certainly do not want my child to suffer with us as all child is innocent. I pray all these in Jesus name, amen!

Lord please raise me up so I stop getting in trouble for everything I do. If I'm too nice - everything I do I get cursed at - tired of feeling hurt

I'm praying for guidance . Please pray for my family . Guide us into the right direction. We might have the chance to move closer to family. Please pray that we make the right decision thank you

please Lord pull the pain off, help me, help us all stay afloat, remove our limitations, help us succeed with our challenges that we allow profound healing progress now & continually, in this we Glorify & Praise You Lord! Hallelujiah!

Please pray for my sister, she had her hip operated on and she has a blood clot. Prayer for her to heal and that the blood clot dissolves. And that she will heal.
Thank you for your prayers

Plz agree for t to be healed from being molested and to be mature and not influenced by her mother. Plz agree for A to be removed from the unit and for a fair professional supervisor to replace them. Plz remove the favoritism spirit in the unit as well.
Plz agree for protection,wisdom and provision for the E family.

Urgent.. Please pray for Ricky and Monica. Him to not take his anger from work on wife and kids and her to forgive.

Thank you for praying for my son Mike who drinks too much and has liver problems. Pray for God's mercy and help with his daily problems and with his attitude. Praise God for watching over him and helping him to find peace, joy and love in his life. thank you for your prayers. God Bless.

Not really depression. I know what that is. Just sadness this season. Wishing things had gone differently for the 4th. Thought I was being responsible and worked through it and really didn't see results

Chrissy lost her mother and her sister in this first 3 weeks of aug, she is in great emotional pain with these anniversary's coming up , please pray for healing and blessings for her and david