Pray for Others

God please show me what to do in my family's present crisis. Where do we move? Who do we turn to for help with moving the furniture? You know the family I have asked for help & they don't seem to care or offer help.

Please pray for my daughter's relationship with her friend "JB". Please strengthen her confidence in herself. She gets so down when he doesn't call. Please let her move past valuing her worth on his actions. Let her see that she is beautiful (which she is) inside and out. Please let him see that he is the lucky one for having a girl like Ivy like him so much.
I don't understand why he goes a couple of days without calling. I don't understand why he puts his guy friends first or doesn't seem to want to show Ivy off. I'm worried there is another girl?
Anyway they are/were such great friends. Please pray that he is honest and doesn't hurt her. She has been so disappointed so many times. Please, dear Lord help protect her heart and keep her heart from growing cold. Let what "JB" tells her be legit and not just a way too use her. I'm so afraid of what may have already happened between them. Please dear Lord, bring happiness and laughter into her life. Remove all this doubt. Bring her the soul mate that you have planned for her future.

pray for luis for guidance in this relationship with alicea he is 14yrs old % she is 12 .pray that this is just a friendship. pray that he get closer 2 god love 4 him

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your continued patience and forgiveness of me. I come to you today for Your Strength and Grace to heal the relationship between myself and our daughters. The past hurts and betrayals as well as misperceptions and misinformation have injured our relationships. I lay this at Your throne today as it will be only by your grace and love our relationship can heal. Allow not the little ones in this situation to be harmed through all of that which is around then from this conflict. Amen.

im so overwhelmed with stray cats kittens that people dump off. finances are tight. I worry how to handle feeding all these poor cats and cant get any help. my husband and I need prayers to get out of debt at our age.

I am under attack from the enemy in my workplace, please pray for God to help me stand strong against the enemy in the power of God's might and to stand strong! Thank you.

pray for Amy and her family she is suffering from mental illness

Dear lord I pray that you will help me the pay off all of my credit card debt today and everyday thank you

Dear lord I pray that you will help my son Alex be successful at his job today and everyday thank you

Dear lord I pray that you will help me to be successful at my job at area school district today and everyday thank you