Pray for Others

Please Lord Jesus Help Me To See That You Have Everything Under Control And That Everything Will Be All Right. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

My daughter needs prayers that she will find a job in her career field (fashion design) she is working two jobs to pay her student loans she really needs a break .please pray she will receive one soon.

my sister is depressed lonely and bitter please pray that she finds some happiness, thank you

My I find a job this week.

Medical conditions healing

I'm struggle with my current employment, and I need guidance. Please pray I find a position that is best for me.

That my brother (Kane) and sister in law (Melissa) quit using my 9 and 7 year old nephews as hostages. That peace and harmony embraces our family.

please pray that my husband and I get over the grief of a failed adoption and stop feeling guilty and that a new door will open for us ,we are good people. thank you

Please pray for my children Kelly and Jason, who are both dealing with serious health issues. Please pray for my three-month old grand-daughter, Mia, who is struggling so much with still as yet an undiagnosed intestinal problem that causes her excruciating pain when she eats. Please also pray for my mother, Kathleen, who just lost her husband, my dad, after 62 years of marriage and who was also just diagnosed with Parkinsons disease.

Jamie is a 19 year old boy with Down syndrome. He is currently on a ventilator following a respiratory infection. Please, Jesus, allow Jamie's body to become strong enough to be taken off the vent without a need for a trach. And pray for strength for his steadfast mother who is the sole provider of his healthcare.