Pray for Others

Please pray for my job situation - that I find a job in my field using my education in a way that will benefit children and teachers. I would pray for a school that I could lead

Please pray for those in the central plains in regards to the tornadoes and their safety please pray each one is able to be with their love ones, pray for the Carolinas that this forming tropical depression disapates and not cause damage to those who live their, please pray for the victims and their families of a car crash that caused a huge fire on i95 in south Florida

Please pray that all my ailments and conditions go away and I am 100% healthy, also that my family is 100% healthy as well.

Sara was swinging high on the school swings when it broke landing her on her back and head. She has lost her memory. Doesn't know who she is or her family. She is a very frightened 10 ur old.

2 yr old Wyatt has a very damaged heart with very little function. Prayers for healing and the Drs who are treating him

Please pray for my son Ed in finding a job . He has a criminal record from over 5 years ago and used to do drugs. He is clean and really wants to start his life in the right direction, But he's having a hard time with anyone wanting to hire him because of his past . Now he's starting to get depressed so I pray he finds a job and won't go back to his old ways . Please pray Ed will find a job soon. Thank you

Please I need your prayers.
For a long time I've been suffering from my digestive tract.
Please pray for my healing.
Thanks for your prayers.

Please pray for Linda breast mass
Please pray for Dana guidance
Please pray for jay and Pat

Jen and Bill lost there 14year to suside two weeks ago. great parents,had done all the right things, now their olest boy is back to doing drugs and all the terrible things that go with this. This is a wonderful family very involved, I was alwys envious of them, veryvery very good people, give you the shirt off their back, a good marriage involved in the community. Please pray the oldest boy gets the help he needs before it is to late. He is the only one who did not believe in God and now with his sister death it does not help. These are great people, they need all the prayes and help they can get at this time. Can not imagine better parents or people. They put their friends on hold this past year to deal with the kids. Honesly do not know what else the parents can do PLEASE PRAY HARD

I thank God that Gina, my cat, seems to be feeling better. She's still having her ultrasound this Friday, though. Please pray that the results are good. I believe that with God all things are possible.