Pray for Others

For Gene B to find a great job. He was forced to quit a stressful one. Jesus we trust in you. Amen

I have been under a lot of mental stress for the past ten years now. Both personally and financially. This has taken a toll on me emotionally.
I wish I would feel optimistic and be relieved of this pain. I spend fearful and sleepless nights.
Could you please pray that I gain confidence and that I will be able to sleep relaxed. Please GOD help me.
Thank you.
Kavitha V

Lord..many attack sources of witchcraft/jezebel spirits attempting to delude/deceive some of my family members.I pray they they be exposed and cast out for all to see and sent back to Jesus name--we cover our household with the name of JESUS! Lord protect us and let us witness victory!

Immediate debt relief, my parenting to mean something, for depression to go away, peace, calm, joy, happiness, good luck to flood my family & our home, for jobs to be found & abundance of money fast

Please pray for me. I am suffer from severe depression. it is really bad right now.

God, I love u with all my heart, soul, mind & strength, Thanks for all my blessings, Please keep me & my family safe. God, Please restore my hearing in my ears. God, please give my husband the energy he needs to make it thru his long 12 hr workdays they have been working . I was wishing he could get off earlier today so he can make it to Church. Thanks & Amen

Not quite two weeks ago my husband unexpectedly lost his job. The reason given would be funny if it weren't so serious. We believe the termination was Gods way of removing Keith from a very bad situation. He had been under attack for months and this latest is satans plan to destroy our family. Our daughter starts college in a few months. Please pray for our family and that the job God has for Keith is revealed quickly. Thank you!

Please watch over my friend J. Please bless him and help him to stay strong and positive and keep him protected and out of trouble. Please help me to be a blessing to him and to encourage him. Thanks

I ask for prayer for relationships. My friend and I of 30 plus years had a disagreement. He is depressed and drinks alcohol. There are health issues. . I pray that he find The Lord and get help as he is in denial.

I have been such a people pleasing g fool I need Gods wisdom and discernment. More than ever in my life I am so so sorry and I have posted things that I shouldn't I am so so sorry fir being a bad witness to God thank you for praying g for me K