Pray for Others

Prayers needed today that i finally get an answer today about military pension percentage that is owed to me by my ex husband Jason,Pray this burden and worry is removed and with Gods help i don't get cheated.Pray i get 50 percent for me and 3 boys.Pray military and my enemies won't be able to hide or cheat me.Pray i get answered prayer on this today.

Please pray for my friend MS who recently had a stem cell transplant....he is now enduring the side effects of chemo and medications....he is in need of healing and encouragement . He is coping well spiritually and emotionally but the physical aspects draining.

Pray today i get a check from law firm.Its desperately needed.

Pray. drs will be able to find something on my tests and xrays that approves me for disability.I need this badly.Pray social security judge will approve me this week.

Pray for my grandaughter,Nika.She is trying to get into her DMS program. Only 16 are chosen.She has worked hard and wants to finish so she can support he little boy.Bless her and keep her dreams alive. Amen

I can not seem to get past my doubts and lack of trust. please, pray for peace and guidance too. thank you for praying

Prayers for my daughter that she will graduate in May and she will be strong enough to get out of a bad relationship with her boyfriend. Prayers that my son will make right choices and be able to be responsible for his bills. Prayers for my husband and I that we are able to cope with our stress.

For my coworker, Crystal, to be able to continue to work at our company, BecTech, and that we can continue to work together in Business Development and gain project work for our team and that she will benefit financially and like what she is doing. Thanks.

For our nineteen month old grandson, Mikey, to continue to grow, develop and gain strength as he has Down Syndrome and that he will be able to fully crawl, stand alone and walk and handle the pain of teething. Thanks.

Dear Lord, am thankful that you woke me up today in good health and shape,father this morning before your throne i bring my petition of finance miracle before you.Lord am in need of financial aid and i have no where to run to but rely on you to open doors for me.please father help me out. amen.