Pray for Others

Not a request but a thank you. Our son is home from kawait and back with his family. Thank you

The enemy is attacking me left and right, and i am losing contact with Jesus, everything has seized, i find it hard to pray, to study the word, or even go to church, my relalationship with my children is a wreck when a month ago it was so good, i am losing my faith, and i dont want that, my situation is hard and i dont understand, and i just dont feel good anymore, i keep asking God to direct me, where and what does he want me too do, i have prayed over the past few years, but i have no relevations at all, i am still stuck in the same place i was, not much has gotten better for me, i dont understand, i tried to be a faithful servant, and i have held on and on, but i try and keep holding on, but its so hard, i dont understand why, i wait still

Please Dear Father God I ask in Jesus name that You wrap Steven in Your protective arms tonight and keep him safe. He has not been well this week. Please continue to heal him and bless him with a miracle of healing from Crohn's disease. Thank you in Jesus name. Amen

I need prayers because I'm having problems with my husband he's been drinking and leaving an not coming home at night and I'm worried we won't make it I pray that he opens his eyes and heart to God and that he realizes that he is loved and wanted by his family I pray that he comes home

Please Pray for Connor the 10 year old on the battle field fighting cancer and for Chris fighting pancreatic cancer and for kitty she has very painful sores on her feet and Pray for "D" and employee where I work she is going through emotional problems and Pray for my whole store

Please pray that I can overcome my anxiety. 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with PTSD. I had lost my job, gotten a divorce, found another job, then lost that job because I needed major surgery and did not have medical leave. Then after the surgery, I had fibromyalgia. My PTSD is better, but there are times when I feel worry and panic. It is bad. I get very fearful of being alone and just drive myself crazy. Please pray for me. I cannot take being like that. It wears me down

Blessings and grace to VAM to get a job close to home. He need it desperately to support his family with a new baby on the way. Lord God intercede for them to our Father. In Jesus name. AMÉN

Guidance about the best direction to take in my work situation. If I continue in the same direction, it will be financial failure and the 160 miles commute is physically hard and tiring.
Thank you for being there
In Christ

Please pray that my ex husband ( alcoholic that has threatened now threatening to sue me because of his alcoholic behavior ) will leave us alone. Especially our 2 teenage children age 18 & 16. He had invited them over to his house to get them drunk the other night & is trying to convince them to support his legal action vs. me. I have previously provided him with all of our valuables + truck + camper + 2 boats. Im living off student loan enrolled as a f/t student at university. our duaghter is considering taking out a peace bond vs. him because of what he said 2 her. I pray for his healing of his heart/soul/mind. Please pray for my kids 2 be healed & safe. Pray that he will be blocked from any of his planned violence vs. all of us. Thank you.

Please help them to fix the truck finally and completely with no problem.