Pray for Others

I feel a growth in the side of my stomach, it feels like it's the size of an egg and it's painful. I felt it before but it seems like it's bigger. I'm cursing this growth in the name of Jesus and asking for prayer warriors to agree and pray with me for healing. God less

Dear Lord, please bless me as I attend my husband's Mother's funeral this week with him. Please soften Greg's heart to help him persevere in our marriage, as his parents
did, even though they went through rough times. Please Lord restore my marriage, in Jesus name. Amen

Please pray for Chelsea and Derek .

Ryan is an 11 year old boy with lyme disease. He does not get along with his mother. He feels like he is not loved or cared about. He has run away the one time. It has been suggested that he go to a psychiatrist and get some meds. Pray that God will find the right doctor and medicine. Also pray that he gets along with his mother. Thank you.

from my mental illness

My family is battling evil, addiction, hatred, and enabling from within. But God Is With Us. Please pray that God will save us and triumph over evil this very day. Thank you.

God i can no more with this life, please do a change in my life

Dear God , please do a miracle in my life in my finances, let me a second chance to pay all i debt, have mercy and compasion for me, i triend to search help here in earth and nobody give a help, please help me in the name of my son and my mother i beg to you for a miracle to pay all my unpyed loans, debts, bills and credit cards, please my Lord and Savior, Save me, please give me a second chance, please do a miracle in my life and finances, please God, only you can help me, nobody can, please i promise to pay all, i promise serve you in the plazuela, please God i need your help, i need a miracle to pay, i´m in trouble, please don´t forget me, give me a signal, please Lord i´m alone and my salary is to low to pay all, please haver mercy and compassion of me, i need your loving hand in my life, i need your wind blowing in my life, i need your favor in my financial life, i promise pay all, i promise serve you in the plazuela, please Lord don´t forget me!

I had to change a grade to NP because I was failing. I am submitting an appeal to financial aid because I am on a time frame extension. I just decided to change my degree because of the amount of math. I am asking for favor so I can take the class again, and continue on the new plan and graduate next June. I am also applying for a social justice program that I can receive 12 free credits and it can support my goal in lieu of the math. I also was accepted into vocational rehabilitation and am praying they will work together.

may you please pray for Jill, she is on her death bed from cancer. she has no peace. she is afraid to die. she is not sleeping, not making sense, agitated. she has not known God her whole life. she lived through devastating deaths (and is hard hearted). she asked our neighbor not to talk about Jesus a few days ago. may you please pray that she would turn to Jesus and be saved like the thief on the cross. thank you for praying for Jill.