Pray for Others

Asking for our 35 year old son who is bipolar and stoped taking his medication. He, s living with my husband and I, we are seniors .we pray and are belivers in the power of prayer.we need all the extra prayer possible thank you trustinly, yours.martha

Our church prayer group is asking for prayer for the following people: Elizabeth, Brittany, Russell and Rita. Unfortunately, there are no other specifics.
Thank you very much.

Please pray for my son Eric. He is having trouble understanding the Math problems in his class. Please ask that the Holy Spirit open his mind to the Math. Eric's Math grade is also contingent upon him continuing to receive a four year scholarship. Eric is in 9th grade and is taking Honors Algebra I. His test is this Monday. Thank you!

I ask for prayers for my sister Mary that she will have the courage & god;s guidance to lose weight & regain her health. I ask for a good day tomorrow for my sister Yvonne so that they will have school tomorrow. I ask for prayers for my sister-in-law Pat that her breast cancer will be gone & all her results will be negative. in jesus name.

I ask for prayers that god will free my mind of unhealthy thoughtsn& replace them with pleasant thoughts of all I have to be thankful for. I pray that he will help me with my anxieties & panic so that I can stop taking medication. I pray for good sleep so that I can go to work. I thank him for being there for us anytime and for his many blessings. I know he knows are thoughts & needs before we do and that he does all things for our good & according to his will not ours so I pray that I can trust him completely & know he will take care of me. in jesus name. amen

Father God I ask that you please look on our son and my husband - both are being tested right now (my son has a testicular cyst) and my husband will be having a biopsy for his thyroid - I ask that you please let both come back negative for everything father God and that you please heal us all - please allow us to walk in health and make better and healthier choices in our lifestyle. In Jesus Name Amen.

Please pray that God will help Dad find a job. Soon. Thank you. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Please pray for Janet and Mark marriage,,

Please add Jared- to the Prayer List. He severely burned his leg, from above the knee to the ankle. His leg now has a staph infection and the doctor is talking about possible amputation of the leg above the knee. Jared is currently at the U. of M. M. C. - B. C. Please pray for a miracle.

Please pray that my husband Aaron gets a call back from the job he applied for. God please bless him with an interview. thank you