Pray for Others

Dear Lord help me please. I am emotionally and physical drained. I have been praying,with no answers and feel like I can not go on . So many problems My son and grandkids got evicted and moved in. The boys are good but have very many anger issues,steming that their mom does not want them. I love them but they have no respect for me, Haydon verbally abuses me. 2 months they have been here,and my son still cannot save no money. Help me to be more calm with them, let them see I love them. I only try to lead them on a good path and wish they not smoke pot. Teach me to not complain and be more understanding and let there slopply way get in the way of our relationship. I need to show more love and be calm. my other son stepped in and tried to talk to him about supporting the kids now he thinks i am a terrible mom and says when he move he disowns me after all I have done. I am so depressed I can hardly function My sadness is killing me

Please, pray for our cat rescue. We are trying so hard but with kitten season we are very overwhelmed. We need people to foster and volunteer, donations needed and for people to adopt quickly. Our morale is down. Pray for renewed drive and fortitude etc. We need help asap. Thank you, praising and thanking God for his provision

Please pray that my son in-law keeps his job. There is a buy out at his company and he is so afraid he is losing his job. He has been a wonderful employee for 18 years and losing his position would be devastating to his family. Please pray God sees fit that Lee remain in his job. Thank you for all prayers.

Asking for Prayer for never ending pain over my left big toe. Aleve relieves it a short time but it returns.
Please ask the Lord to take away the pain over my left big toe.

Today, I am asking for prayers for my dear friends, Lorrie and Peri both out of work and both in jeopardy of losing their homes. God is a restoring and healer, please open up doors that open you can Lord, and restore to them what was taken. Give them strength and peace through this storm. Amen

I pray for the courage to believe by faith in Jesus Name that God has shown my family favor ,we are healed,delivered from sin,set free to serve the Lord Jesus with our whole heart ,my test is negative ,my marriage is holy and acceptable in the sight of God,thank you Jesus

My chest hurt I am dizzy weak I need your prayer for god to heal my throat my body, I am having a headache right now pray for me to get well in Jesus name help me please

Please pray for my sister, Marian, to recover completely from a stroke soon. Thank you, thank you.

Dear lord I pray that you will help Teresa build a stronger and loving friendship with me today and everyday thank you

Dear lord I pray that you will help me to build a stronger and loving relationship with my son Alex today and everyday thank you