Pray for Others

I feel like God has shown me that I am not on the right path as far as my faith.I feel that I may not make it to heaven because of the sin i have in my life plus the grief I have caused others especially friends and family,Please pray for my soul and to be delivered from wrong.PLease pray that I can be a better person and try to live right.

i am ashamed of my debt. I am grateful for all the help that I have. I know God will make a way when there is none. Please move me forward. Heal me. Amen.

Please pray for my 23 yo nephew who loves at his best friend who suddenly had an aneurysm. My nephew no longer believes in God and is in a bad depression.

Please pray for me & my family. We are going through a major crisis. I'm a full-time caregiver for my husband, who has many medical issues, we're experiencing major issues with our two teenage grandsons, who are having a hard time going through adolescence. They are in constant disagreement with us in our roles as guardians. We are drowning in debt and living on fixed incomes. We are praying & calling out to God for help to bless & restore our family life to better than before.

I am wanting to request prayer so that our montly check we receive will not be cut off or taken away. Please pray for us not to be homeless and for one one to come against us financially for overdue debts we owe.

 Lord please turn this around & let me see a positive change in my son. Please let this be the day things really start getting better.

Please, please pray for my husband Dennis to get better from the stroke he had.

I pray for my
ten year C. visa work permit permanent resendency and a good job in C.

Having serious digestive problems for a month. Have become very irregular & have difficulty every day. Diet has helped some but only temporarily. Have been afraid it could be something serious. Need God's healing touch both physically and emotionally. I am believing God for healing. Please agree with me for complete restoration of digestive functions. Thank you. Larry

Please pray for provision Seth. Father we give You praise. Please direct Seth to find employment, provision. Please help Seth to see his need for advanced education. Thank You Lord what You're doing for Seth. Please give him wisdom for the situation he's in. In Jesus name. Thank you all for your prayers.