Pray for Others

Lord I Pray that you will help offer me a part time clerical position. thank you lord for helping offer me a part time clerical position,

My heavenly father I Pray for Jodi - spare her life life to 25 year's to life in prison in Jesus Name I Pray Amen,

Please pray for little Martelise M- who is fighting a battle against bone cancer. Please pray for God's mercy on her and her family, and if it is in His will to heal her that He will do a miracle by healing her completely. So that His Name will be glorified. Thank you.

Please pray for my sons , Okise Jamal M-nd Keyon Malik M- for they both are facing legal battles this month and We as a family are staying strong in the Lord for he is Head of our lives and has the final say, no weapon formed against my family,children,home or myself shall prosper for we are covered by the blood of Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, In Jesus Name we pray... Amen!!!!

Lord hear our prayer
Please i beg the Lord Jesus to turn Nick around to Theodosia, Rena & Athena. Please enlighten him Lord to do the right thing& to see the errors he is making. Lord Jesus keep Nick from harm all his days and may Mother of God protect him from all brainwashing & demonic influences. Lord awaken Niko and give him back to us- we love him Amen.

Please ask God to take the unending pain from me; let me breathe freely; reduce the swelling in my body and heal the cause; help me to walk unassisted; restore the strength to my arm; and spare my life! Thank you and God bless you all. In Jesus' name, I pray. mom

Please pray with me that more doors will open where I can share my faith in the living, loving Lord with many other people. Many thanks.

Alan needs a miracle! The doctors have said they couldn't do anything more for him! As we know, God is the greatest physician, so please ask Him to heal Alan's back and give him relief from the excruciating pain. Thank you all and may God bless you as well. I ask in Christ's name. mom

Just finished 18 rounds of Chemo!
Pray I stop being so tired!
Pray Cancer doesn't come back! Thx

My family and I live in southeastern K. in l. county. We live close to a river. It is out of the banks and running pretty high in our backyard. We need God's merciful and holy protection on us and our home right now. I trust him with my whole life. He is so good to me. Thank you for praying for me and my family and home. God bless you.