Pray for Others

TY God for C healed R ARM FEET TOES esp Right Foot, & 4th toes, also HEAD NECK PAIN GONE!! ARM FOOT healed shaking gone, ALL R SIDE. All TEETH healed esp upper R rear, (staying stable for perfect treatment options) 1 lower, SINUS/EARS Cleared Moist Open Drained, ears HEAR PERFECTLY! all BLOOD VESSELS TISSUES strong healed resilient tough and JOINTS/BONES healed in TOES FEET head,neck,sides R knee. Healed strong contracting BLADDER URETHRA SPHINCTERS, Alignment Healed-Muscles Circulation-Space holding for BRAIN STEM EYES & CENTER UPPER, RIGHT BACK areas, for complete PROTECTION SAFETY fm Negative Energies & Emotions, PERFECT PH BALANCE, healed EYES, only HEALTHY ORGANISMS, for ESSE, enuf REST SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP C & M! WE PRAY THIS FOR ALL NEEDING.

That my friend Robert finds a way back home, as he is being detained unlawfully in A. He has an elderly mother that needs him.

I am having migraines after visiting or even talking with parents on the phone. I ask you to pray with me that God shows me why this is happening and heals me. Thank you for your prayers.

Peace in family and at work. God's blessing and favor on my new job and to help me sell my home for good/fair price because I am struggling financially. Healing of my mom's 1 kidney and her mind. Heal John of Autism. Help Marie & Wayne with loss of their only son. Heal me, Linda, of cysts. Thank you in Jesus Precious Name. Amen.

Please pray for peace of mind and healing for me, Julie. I am suffering from OCD, worry, stress, fear, depression, and heartbreak. I would like to feel better, have a joyful summer, and be able to move forward in my life without so much anxiety about decisions. I would also like to manifest a loving, committed partnership with the right person. Thank you and God bless you!

Lord, Please help me end this problem with my student loans. I have been disabled since 2003 and still my loans haven't been discharged (forgiven) SS Disability is sending me a benefit query and it has to say 5+ the last one said 3+. Help me Lord it has been 12 years in paperwork and I can no longer handle the stress.

My boyfriend that I love very much is a recruit in boot camp working hard to become a United States Marine, I ask that you pray for God to guide him, to give him the physical & mental strength he needs each day to finish strong & graduate in August. Thank You

that jesus will heal her bleeding and make her whole

lord please help me keep my temper under control at work and stay focused and not get frustrated, let me do a good job.Please bless my sons Quinton and Dan Jr and freinds ericka, lorrine with jobs

Dear God,
Help me to straighten out our financial problems. I place this need before You knowing that You will guide us to a good solution. Please grant us the patience and tolerance necessary to calm our spirits and help us to remember that You have everything under Your control and we have nothing to fear or worry. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Dear Lord,
Please help my son as he struggle with gaming addiction and lead him to the path of recovery. I ask for your healing power to come upon him. And help me remember that, no matter what happens, you are the same yesterday, today and forever. You are always with us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Dear Lord,
I put our marriage into Your hands, God. Help us to remember when we first met and the strong love that grew between us. Harmonize our misunderstandings and show us the good in one another. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Father please bless my family, please bless my children, please bless my marriage, please bless my husband and please bless me. Please bless our home/family with peace, love, happiness, all prosperity and all security. Please bless all our finances. Please bless