Pray for Others

Please pray for my finances to improve. I am on a small retirement and have many health issues which are costing me more than I can afford. I also have had car problems and household items breaking down. I also need to help my mom who is in a wheelchair with MS trying to make it on very little. Her house is in need of many repairs and I can't help her much. Please pray for improvement in my financial area of life. Also please pray for a proper diagnosis on my back with my new specialist June 3. Please pray that it is not too serious and easily repairable. I also need prayers for the episodes of weakness and fuzzy vision I am having. Please pray for me to have improved, great health. Thank you. I want to be healthy and not under such financial stress. I need your prayers. Again thank you.

Please pray for me, am having a hard time with what happened at work yesterday. My office manager called me down for speaking the truth. He told me I shouldn't talk to the boss that way. I had just stated a fact, not loud or arrogantly. there is a lot of back stabbing in the office and others wanting to climb the social ladder. I want to quit and not show up at work. Please help me. I feel that Satan is really at work in the office.

Please pray for me on your prayers ,for a fruitfull marital relationship.pray to break all the bondages against it.
God bless you.

our friend Alice is to have surgery on june 10. They are looking for cancer. Prayers for her, husband & all the staff involved please.

Help with the shrinking of my tumors and the healing of my acid reflux .in his name we pray

My 6 yr old grandson is just overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. When he's confronted with something he does not want to do or go, i.e. school, he just runs. His parents have had to chase him into the street. It's terrifying for him but the fear in his eyes is heartbreaking. He plays baseball and some days he wants to play and other days he cries yet he won't quit the team. He loves school and does very well but hates any change in the day, such as a field trip. He goes from being this fearful little guy to being very defiant. His parents are taking him to a therapist soon and hoping that will help him through this. Please join us in praying for God to calm his fears. Thank you.

Please Lord provide complete healing for Georgean

Prayer for Stephanie and Rachel and Jennifer and my safety. Pray Ex-mother in law won't be so mean and hateful and try to get even with daughter Stephanie. And that gary will be a better too.

Please pray for God to bless the songs I just released on CD Baby Michael - He,s Everything

Please pray for my friend Patricia who is suffering from depression and for her younger brother who is wanting to start a whole new life with Christ as hisLord and savior.