Pray for Others

I've been unemployed for almost two years. Please pray that God would open a door for me to get employment soon. Thank you.

I've been unemployed for almost two years. Please pray that God would open a door for employment soon.

Please pray for my cousin Ron who suffers from Parkingtons disease. May our Lord heal him.

Please pray that Cecily goes and stays at her mom's this weekend. I don't want to deal with her and I need a break of my own. Pray that M is at his mom's this weekend as well thank you

For my sons to meet wonderful Christian women to marry. May their faith increase and may I be patient and trust in the Lord's perfect timing. Thank you and God bless

For the safety of everyone in our community including visitors during the celebration of class reunions the first weekend in June. Thank you and God bless

Please pray for salvation for Ella’s husband Bill and the gentlemen (Chuck, Booker, Bruce and Bill) I converse with at the park and at the gym (Jasper, Mike, Bob, Mickey, Norm and their wives , as applicable and all of the gym staff that are not saved) and at the YMCA (Bill and his wife and any of the staff that are not saved). Thank you.

Dear God, i can no more, please help me, i need your help, i need a big miracle from you to pay all i debt, please God, My Lord and Savior, blow your wind in my life, do a big favor in my finances, let me a second chance to pay all i debt, i´m alone, the people from here don´t help me, i really need help to pay all, only You can Help me please, don´t forget me

May the Holy Spirit guide my son to a job in the area he likes. May God lead him to a place he can use his God given skills and develop a great career. I pray for my daughter as she stars law school in the fall. May God help her to lose weight. May God improve the communications between my sister and her son. I also pray for the health of my older sister. I ask this in the name of your son Jesus. Amen!

Father, Heal and restore our country. Have Your people humble themselves and pray and seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways so that You will hear us from heaven and will forgive our sins and heal our land in accordance with Your word. Amen.