Pray for Others

TY God for solutions workable for all at Foster home, me, aides, mgr., Owner, residents. For protection protection & perfect solutions toilet issue, food prep/SHOWER/other. For solutions to protect & arrange care for myself as needed, dysfunctional issues, with new managers! For perfect treatment prep & perfect needed treatments, for Dr. Mark D., guided to perfect work in alternate proposal with C, affordable too, in ways work can be done EASILY GENTLY SAFELY & paid for, TY for Your clear guidance on this Lord, & his willingness! For protected daily activities in support of ongoing treatment, in good esp phys shape at day's end, everyone here incl practitioners protected from negative energies, for perfect healing steps/progress for me, all healing, for enough rest SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP for C & M, S & G all needing, Praise God!

That the Lord will touch my body and heal my shortness of breath attacks and cause my medication and diet to have the maximum effect

I pray for healing for myself and my children, and for SW to be able to get his studies and homework done very well today despite his illness.

Lord, I have many silent prayers today for You alone. I also continue to trust that You have a plan for me that You will show me, especially my writing, and that I will be fully healed and lose a lot of weight. Please help me to listen to You and do Your will. I praise You as You fill me with Your peace and healing touch and for answering my other prayers, especially salvation for the family.

Please pray that the family that lives above me would quickly finish their house and move. They have been nothing but nasty and rude to my family. Pray that they will find God and be filled with understanding and kindness. Pray that His Grace would fill them and see all the hate they've done to us and be changed.

My prayer is for God to please take care of Steve this next week as he takes important tests. To help him so he remembers the information and is able to finish on time. To please clear his mind and help him focus so that his own knowledge comes through with no issues and he gets good grades with no problems! If he can end up with A's that would be so positive for him and would add to the recovery of his depression.

Please help me pray for the healing of my neighbor & friend Doreen who is putting up such a good fight with Cancer to see the birth of her Grand Daughter this summer! Thank you , Catherine

Please help me pray for the restored relationship with my son who was injured with a TBI in Afghanistan. Before his injury we were very close and I miss this closeness so very much!
I just want my son back ! Thank you

Will everyone please pray that I will always get my medications the same way that Juanita gives them to me every morning. It is the only way that works good on my body or else I lay in a bed of pain for the entire day. Thanks and God bless,Ann.

Pray for Ronald & Kamla( my brother & his wife) both are bedridden with ailment. My brother had surgery for liver abscesses,.his wife had a leg amputated, now in rehab. Pray for their salvation, healing & full recovery.Thank you for praying.