Pray for Others

Please pray that the lord give me another chance at life, and help me through my sickness, the doctors can't help and I need him more than ever. I know I'm not the best Christian, and even though I don't deserve I need him more than ever.

Please pray for Rosa .

Pray that our daughter Hanna, 17, turns to God and is saved. Pray that she finds Christian friends who can show her the way.

I've been a caregiver for my brother and right now it has gotten me down. My blood pressure has gone up. Please pray that my brother will be more patient with me. I feel like I have taken on too much. Please pray that I wouldn't stress out so much and not worry. Help me to cast my care and trust God to take care of everything.

I was recently fired on today and I pray that God will move on my situation. I pray that God will bless the person that lied as they fired me. I pray that God will bless me with a new job and the financial means to survive so that I can take care of my daughters. I pray that God will take away my worry and allow me to live the life He has for me. I pray that He teach me to always be like Christ and that I never give in to evil or the ways of man. Thank you God for your blessings.

I am in need of money to pay first and last months rent for my 10 year old grandson who I have guardianship of. We need $2600 as this is the rental prices in ON. We need to be out of my friends home by the end of July and having just moved from C. to T. I am flat broke. I am massively depressed and I know God is with me but I need a miracle in my life and the life of my grandson.
Thank you for your prayers. Blessings and grace to you.

I would like for you to pray that I will know when to retire I have worked in the government for 37 years I will be 65 this November, I raised by grandchild and she is in college now, my funds a low and I would really like to retire, but I know Gods will has to be done in my life.

Please Pray with me for the safety of my son Josh who is working at building sites at the other side of the country. Pray God protect him and everyone else around him. He works very hard manual labour. He is a very good person. Pray the he finds the right wife who can work with him and have a great relationship.
Thank you for PRAYING with me.

I will be loosing a portion of my income pray that I will be able to replace it. Thank you

This is a prayer of thanks to the Lord for the help provided me and my daughter from people of faith who have crossed our paths. I continue to pray for God's guidance at this difficult time in my life and I appreciate all that the Guidepost prayer warriors have done to help me identify God's hand and will in my life. Amen.