Pray for Others

Please please please keep me in your prayers! I am healing up from a broken arm and having quite a bit of pain. Thanks, In Jesus Holy Name!

Please join me in praying for the persecuted church, especially those being martyred!!

Dee, 22 yr old, severe high blood pressure, grieving death of father and special aunt drug abuse since deaths, legal issues. Help Lord. Save, heal, protect and grant Dee supernatural favor, guidance, access to healthcare, employment and educational opportunities. Give him wisdom to parent his daughters. Remove unGodly forces and influences. Help, Father. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Father, the battle is Yours. I've prayed so long for love leading to a Christ centered marriage to Louis. I place my desires into your hands. Line my desires with Your will. Deliver me from fear, severe anxiety and depression; deliver us both. Grant me peace, favor and a miracle turn around according to Your will. In Jesus' name. Amen

77yo Barbara, (salvation, loneliness, pain, fear, healing, finances), 1 yr old Taylor (open eye w/o more surgery), DB, DB, K & TG (protection, healthy development), Karyn (smoking, wt. loss, health, finances), Karyn B (healing, wt. loss, dental issues, finances), Roy (asthma, car repairs, finances), Linda (wt. loss, skin condition, physical/mental/emotional healing, loneliness, love, marriage, dental, finances, guidance), Dee (drug abuse, healthcare, BP, guidance, job), Louis (sobriety, stress, sleep disorder, BP, God’s guidance, wisdom, courage), Nikki (guidance, wisdom), HB, DB, DJ, RB, Bill & others seeking healing/blessings. Family prayers. Save, heal, protect, restore, provide, finances, humble our hearts & bless, Father. Thank You Father. In Jesus' name. Amen

Kindly pray that my sons be blessed abundantly in their business and their new product finds good demand and support. With prayer-John

Kindly pray that members of my family be protected from evil and evil men. The enemies evil designs never succeed. My elder son gets custody of his son and divorce from his wife. With prayer-John

for my health. feel acutely ill like going to pass out after exertion, i do have heart problems but also undiagnosed heart problem. Father please intervene i am alone at home

direction for 17 yr old grandson who I'm legal guardian for. his grades are dropping to f's again. don't know what to do. I'm a female disabled vet in severe pain. My husband's my caregiver, has to drive me to all my appts, and drives our grandson to and from school everyday. We're so frustrated. He's so tied up in video games, but taking them away does no good...only more harm. Otherwise, no drugs or stealing or anything like that. He's 17 can't wait till school is over and he can get on with life.

Urgent prayer request! Could you please pray for my friend Karen? She fled an abusive marriage 3 years ago and is finally is scheduled for judge to hear her case in divorce court this week. Please pray that if possible case is settled before court date and that she gets a fair settlement. Pray for her safety as well . Thank you for all prayers