Pray for Others

Please pray for Our Lord to bless Kelli and her family with a safe, healthy & fun vacation. May Our Lord also give Kelli the courage to seek a better life where she's not put down, ignored and controlled by her husband. Please pray for her. Thank you.

Praying for my husband who has been diagnosed with pancreatitis and diabetes.

Prayers are being answered. Please keep praying for Steve to continue to reach his goal of getting off these pills he is hooked on. God give him disapline strength willpower and confidence that he can and is putting this addiction in his past. Today is a new day and he will succeed God because of you he will succeed. Amen/ thank you prayer warriors !!

I have a spine condition called Spondylolisthesis - curvature of vertebrae. It is in my lower back. I also have two herniated discs. I have been managing my condition for the past four years but it has flared up, and over the past month it has been painful and giving me problems. A prayer for my health and healing or improvement of my condition would be greatly appreciated.

Please pray for my daughter Leigh: that she find freedom from depression/fear/anxiety, wisdom/guidance/direction,and a full time job
Pray I will be the Mom she needs, and for my retirement plans

God Willing...please give Ron your strength and courage to fight and be healed of pancreatic cancer.

I am asking for help today to make a decision about what bills to pay or whether to simply seek help to pay my rent this month. Please pray with me that the Lord will show me what direction to go and where to get the help that I need. Thank you.

Please join me in prayer for my husband. Colonoscopy revealed some polyps and tissue damage that needed a biopsy. I am praying for clean bill of health. Thank you.

Please pray for me. My grown children are having major disagreements among themselves causing such a rift family gatherings are impossible. My husband has dementia and I am having a tough time adjusting to checking and double checking his meds and trying to run all the household. I feel overwhelmed. Thank you for your prayers. God Is Good All The Time.

Thank you Father for all of your blessing this week. I trust, and have faith in only you Lord. I believe in your word. I raise my prayers up to you Lord. Lord thank You for providing a temporary solution to our financial needs. I pray Lord for a permanent one so that we are able to rise above this burden. I pray Lord that we may feel Your presence and see Your light shining and that we may know that You are with us always. Bless us with the wisdom and the means to become financially secure. Please help us, save us, give us favor and success this week. Bring your promises to pass. . Bless all who pray through this ministry. In Jesus name I pray. Amen