Pray for Others

Please pray for Robert.

Please pray for me and my family.

Please pray for Brian.

Please help the gossip and meanness and evilness stop. It is so hurtful. Please protect me and give me strength. Thank You

Please pray that God bless our finances so that my wife can retire soon, we live long healthy lives and are financially stable so that we enjoy life at a slower pace. Pray that financially we can keep up with the expected and unexpected bills, share time with our relatives and friends, especially the elderly or ill, enjoy short trips and enjoy the beauty of God’s world around us. Please pray that my wife is appreciated & rewarded on her job. Please pray that our finances are enough to cover the bills and to repair what needs to be repaired and to replace what needs to be replaced. Please pray that we travel safely and accident free. Please pray for her medical issues to be healed. Please pray that we travel safely and accident free. Pray for our investments to prosper so we have some money for retirement.

Please pray for my marriage.

My mom recently died and she would pray everyday for others. She had prayers she liked. She had them in paper clips. After I dropped her off I would find prayers under my car seat and thruout the car. I bought her a little album and we put them in there. She never lost a prayer after that but took her prayer book with her always. She prayed for my sons eyes, for my daughter to find a nice husband. She recently prayed for my friends daughter who was having a hard time adopting a baby. She had even bought a card congratulations on your adoption. We found the card in her prayer book. The night before her funeral my friend got a call from a young woman who wants them to have her baby. I felt mom's prayers worked. Now I want everyone to pray for her. Pray that she is happy in heaven with God.

Please pray for Ania and her children.

Please pray for Agnieszka and her children.

Please join me in prayer that The Lord Jesus heals TWO tears in my brother Mitch's Achelles tendon in his left foot. AMEN............... michael +++