Pray for Others

Thank You Jesus Christ, for being involved with my admission to G-Institute of Management and Public Administration's Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) programme. I pray that God will grant me good health and sound mind throughout the period of my education so as to excell. Amen.

please pray for peace and God's personal love for Kathleen...she feels like a failure in relationships, because the guy she liked has a girl sleeping over...(in her mind, she knows God is at work,, but her heart is broken.
Please pray for an angel man for her that both like each other and for art opportunities to be offered
that make a difference and inspire others...thank you

Please continue to pray for my 4 adult children and their families.

Pray that Mary and William can share a life together-in faith with kindness-joy-love

A simply thank you to the father, Amen.

For me to trust in God's plan for my two boys. May their drinking lessen and their faith increase. Thank you and God bless.

Pray for Bob. He has a pre-op coming up to see how well he can tolerate removal of cancerous portion of his left lung. Pray that he is healed of this cancer forever, if surgery necessary, pray he can tolerate it and come back victorious.

For rain for our crops. A soft gentle rain of an inch or two. Thank you.

I have an investigation pending. My son and I have a trip coming up that we need to work around. Praying that the investigator is considerate and will work around this trip.

Holy Spirit...please guide the doctors during Joan's surgery. Please heal Steve. Please may the plumbing be fixed without incidence. I thank Jesus for my salvation and the protection the Holy Spirit provided us on the adventure.