Pray for Others

I have an interview tomorrow. Please pray the Holy Spirit prepares me tonight. Please pray God cloaks me in his almighty favor and everlasting grace. Please pray God does exceeding abundantly for me!

Please pray for Jim. He recently went in hospital for knee surgery, and in the process came down with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. He is very weak unable to walk. Please pray for strength, courage and healing and to help him and his family get through this ordeal. Also pray for his wife Bonnie and adult children that are his caregivers at this time. Thank you and God Bless all of you.

Please pray that all goes well when I see the ophthalmologist tomorrow (Wednesday) and the retina specialist on Monday.

prayers for a young man injured while on a missions youth trip, need extra prayers for a speedy recovery and healing hands of the doctors.

I ask for prayer for my health also for my mothers health.My husband is going to have surgery this month . Also he needs prayer for his job. He is under a lot of stress.I need help with my faith and finding the right church. My daughter is buying a house and I pray that it will be a blessing for her family.Bless you all. Thanks

I am losing my home of 10 years and am praying to God to help me live through this trying time trusting Him to take care of me.

Hi, I need prayer for my daughter Lila 22yr.s old and her boyfriend Erick 21yr.s old that God helps them to stop being mean to each other to stop arguing, and to forgive, be kind to another learn who Jesus is together and love the Lord Jesus with their whole heart and life. To be quick to listen slow to speak, slow to anger. And Lila needs prayer for her right knee it keeps feeling like its going out of joint, Lila use to jog everyday but stopped since her right hip was hurting also. Thank God and Thank u for your prayers.

Hi, I need continued prayer for my son Ben 26yr.s old that God gives him Great Deliverance from heroin addiction, from stealing to no stealing to work with his hands what is good and to give to those in need, and from being homeless ,living in grave yards, and for God to keep Ben completely safe from all harm. Thank God and Thank u 4 your prayers.

Please pray for Linda, she is dealing with long term effects from a concussion and neck/spinal injury. Is losing weight from the effects of it. Please pray for strength and healing. She is in spinal compression treatment also at this time to help with the healing process. Thank you.

I have had a headache and dizziness for a few months now and it won't go away. I need prayers that the headaches and dizziness will go away and I will feel good again.