Pray for Others

I will be loosing a portion of my income pray that I will be able to replace it. Thank you

This is a prayer of thanks to the Lord for the help provided me and my daughter from people of faith who have crossed our paths. I continue to pray for God's guidance at this difficult time in my life and I appreciate all that the Guidepost prayer warriors have done to help me identify God's hand and will in my life. Amen.

Please Pray with me for a MIRACLE with our finances, Help us refinance our home to pay off all our loans. Pray that Father God will send us the right people into our lives who will do business with us.
Thank you for Praying with us.

Pray with me for my daughter who is a single mother of a disabled 6yr old son. She is very lonely and depressed at times. Pray with me that God will direct the right person in her life who can be an excellent friend and a good father for her son. She needs a lot of help with her son as he is getting older. Pray for her and her son that the right man enters her life.
Thank you for praying with me.

Please Pray with me for the safety of my son Josh who is working at building sites at the other side of the country. Pray God protect him and everyone else around him. He works very hard manual labour. He is a very good person. Pray the he finds the right wife who can work with him and have a great relationship.
Thank you for PRAYING with me.

Please Pray for my 6yr old grandson Christopher who has many medical issues. Pray with me for the healing of his heart, stomach eyes and torso. Pray that GOD bless him with the Miracle of being able to communicate, speak, Pray that he walks soon He needs a big MIRACLE. Also Pray for my husband Joel who has severe pain from his waist down. This has been continuous for a couple of months. He is in sales and this is creating a problem. Pray for his healing.
Thank you for Praying with me

Please Pray for my eldest son who is addicted to alcohol. Pray with me he finds his way and a place in God's refuge. He lives alone and we fear about alcohol poisoning for him. Pray for a MIRACULOUS healing for him.
Than you for Praying with me

To live in total obedience to God's Word in every area of my life. To walk in righteousness and holiness everyday.

Pray that Betse - will be saved

Pray that I will put God first in my life and pursue him with my whole heart