Pray for Others

Dear Friends, Please say a little prayer for my children. I hope they know how much I love them, how much they are loved, always. I pray they stay healthy, happy, safe, peaceful, loving, kind, together with everyone they love & everyone who loves them, provided for in every way comfortably. Thank you & blessings to you!

Our friend, Jenny and her family, back in ICU, with fluid on lungs and undiagnosed illness. She has 2 small children/

My family is facing threat. Myself and sons travelling to a distant place to see lawyer. Kindly pray for our protection. The enemies be defeated to restore peace in our home. With prayer

That I can kick my habit of drugs and get cleaned and the road to recovery so I can stop being a burden from my mother.I want to have a healthy future so I can find a job and a home.Thank-you

Please help me in my prayers that I can get clean and stay clean long enough to find a job and home ,and I can be re--united with my family some day

Please pray for 91 year old Martha , and her family. She broke her hip, and then contracted c-diff while in rehab. She is not doing well in hospital, not eating, can't swallow and not doing well.

Please prayer for my son Jesse age 21. He needs guidance from God.

That i Would trust God with everything in my life.

Michelle to get a job

Please pray for my elderly parents who are in the hospital due to a car accident. Please pray for a healing of their bodies. Please also pray for my Father's mind, it appears that he may also have dementia. Thank you and may God Bless You