Pray for Others

I need prayer for my cousin she need healing for all demonic attack on her body. She lose her husband in Iraq. and she has children now the Dr. say she has several attacks in her body. I know God is a healer and His word said where two or three are gather in His name he will be in the mist. Thanks for your prayer and God bless you all as we lift everyone up in prayer

Dear Lord, please help my son deal with the Nun in school that is very mean to him, I know that you love all children, please help her to realize that she shouldn't be picking on him. Please heal all my loved ones, please let us get more people to rent out the house. Also that me and my fellow nursing students to well on tonight's exam and on all of our final exams coming up at the end of the month. Thank you and God bless all who pray!

Please pray for my Mom. Her name is Hope. Tomorrow she will have a cat scan. She has a mass on her parathyroid to check it out and rule out cancer. Please pray it will be benign but if it isn't will be easy to remove. Please pray peace for all of our family and for her. Thank you.

I am being treated for cancer at the base of my tongue. I need prayers for healing. I feel I still have work to do here. May God's will be done. Amen


Lord Jesus, please shower your blessings and guidance to Terri. Give her heavenly wisdom in every decision she will make. Give her the peace of mind she needs that she might slow down in her activities and eventually become more appreciative of Your wonderful work. Strengthen her faith in You so that she need not worry of her finances, her business and well being as a whole. I trust this things in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen

Thank You Lord for Your blessing, help me to not let go this time, amen

My friend Carl has depression and is in bad health ... Please pray that he will feel better as I know God heals people and the prayers of the righteous go up before God ..Thank you for your prayers on his behalf

Please Lord Jesus I Cry Out To You For Help In A Special Matter. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

My dear friend Milda C-, with her finances.