Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Bernice).

Praises and thanks for answered prayers and bullets dodged. Requests for healing, good judgment, financial security, peace of mind, employment success, good decisions by those whom I care about. Praise the Lord!

We are Praising God so much that the bump on Ivory's eyelid is benign!

Thank God for getting me (strongly) through the first interview process this afternoon. Asking for God now to direct me to the right school to work in. The next interview will go great as well. The job I get I will be surrounded by the right people, situation, hours. All the things that would make it a great work experience for me.

God bless my grandmother and please keep us safe. Amen.

Please pray for my sister ..that she may find a way to financially pay her debts and feed her family

Please pray for me Many years ago I commited a sin that still bothers me . For 20 years I have tried to live a good Christian life. But I still feel I am not worthy to be here. Bless you

Please pray for me (Bernice).

Please pray for my sister that she may be able to pay her bills and feed her family...that the emotional and physical abuse stops and that she finds peace and comfort

Would you please pray for my friend Edith and her family? She is 94 years old and recently had to be placed in a nursing home because her health needs could no longer be managed at home. She is devastated and she and her family members are having a very difficult time adjusting to her move. It is a stressful transition for all. Please pray for peace , acceptance and support between her family members , and physical and emotional healing for Edith. Thank you for all prayers.