Pray for Others

Please ask God to take the swelling from my body and heal the cause; to clear my eyes of "floaters"; to let me walk unattended again; to restore the use of my arm; to give me relief from terrible, unending pain; and to spare my life! Thank you all and God bless you. I ask in Christ's name. mom

That my body be healed naturally to conceive a health baby this month.

please pray that my husband and I will be able to reconcile our marriage. Please pray he will choose not to separate and will work on our marriage and find his love for me again, for our sakes and the sake of our children. Please pray he is released from negative thinking and depression.

I would like some prayers for guidance in my life decisions
Thank and God bless you

I would love to be able to have some of my ideals notice I have two inventions they cost to much to put in the store. I have a country and western cd I paid 400.00 to have it made it sounds pretty good they promise me a contract in stores never seen it pray for my health stomach and anxiety.

Please keep me in prayer I am praying for a office job that will train me my current employer has taken away my benefits and took some vacation from I have been at my job for 20 years and I am still young I am ready to say good bye for anew beginning

Please pray with me for healing. I suffer from these extremely painful cramps in my legs that attack me at night mostly when I am sleeping. Its so painful that it brings tears to my eyes. I just feel that I cannot take another episode of these attacks. I know GOD is a healer and maybe with collective prayer he will grant me healing. HE's able so please pray.

I need a house for my family,been looking for so long it feels like God really is saying "no way" and I keep telling myself that he couldn't and wouldn't be that cruel or mean but maybe we really don't deserve a home because before I was a christian I made so many poor choices. then again I study the bible and know he wants togive me the desires of my heart if I love him with ALL my heart which I really do and I always put him first. please pray for me

Please pray for me, I suffer from terrible obsessive disorder and ocd and need peace in my mind. I thank you in advance and God bless you!

Please pray my son remains sober - he wants this but is afraid he will not be able