Pray for Others

Please pray for me and my husband as we enter divorce negotiations today. Please let us both be reasonable and fair, let amity and love prevail, let us not be clouded by unreasonable fears or resentment, let us see each other's contributions fairly, let us come to happy agreement and finally be on the other side of this terribly painful parting. Please be with us, Lord, and shower us in love and goodwill. I love You. Thank You for all your blessings.

Give me the courage to accept God's challenge the next time I feel him leading me.

Please pray for Jerry's safe travels this evening-Chrisi

Please pray that my daughter will give up drinking too much alcohol. May God help her in this endeavor. Amen

Please pray with me that my daughter will find a new job as she lost her last one last one, one that will fulfill her needs according to God's will. Amen

please pray for my sonto be protected from harm and illness ask god to help him and let the judge see he is innocent and the evil people responsible for destroying our family are bought to justice and that my son be given the right to prove his innocense let judge j. feel remorse for takeing my sons rights away please be with my son and give him faith god will not let him be punished for a crime he did not committ
be with his daughter and let her get to see her father aman

Please pray for sudden and full reconciliation of my marriage to my husband Charlie and for him and my other loved ones to have a Damascus Road experiences

Prayers for Rod as him and his family wait to hear news tomorrow on a spot that has developed on his lung . Thankyou

Please pray for me to find a way to pay my bills.

Prayers, please, for my family. Things are getting worse.I can barely get through each
day. I miss my 2 sons so much, but the concept of family was taken from them.