Pray for Others

In Oct 2014, I almost died, I was told 3 times that night that I would nt make it through the night. I did, God is not finished with me. I have 6 incurable diseases and I know the power of prayer. I just know. That the more prayers out there the better things are. I have so many angels here on earth nd I'm so thankful for each one of them. I pray for strength, peace and love.

Please pray for a breakthrough at work. I work in a hostile environment with 48 staff and 120 clients with developmental disabilities. Most of the staff are bitter and angry over changes in management, and new hires in staff. One co-worker says the these people are "out for blood". I have been standing in prayer for over two years for God to do a miracle in this place, but I have grown weary in well doing.

Please ask I have favor to gather electric usage so my design system can see how many panels they are allowed to put up so as to equal the customer's energy usage. Without this there is nothing to quote because we don't know what we design. The a public Utility Commission only allows us to offset 100% of the electric used in the previous year so without that I don't get paid or reach quota, much less have the chance of an agreement for services to commence on which I get paid the real money needed to meet obligations and survive. About 1 out of 10 opportunities should agree to service, but I only had 2 opportunities since last week. Thank you in Jesus' Name.

I am now working a new job and want to be blessed to be good at what I do and get appointments. Also I would like to pray that the monsoon weather will not destroy my home or property. Amen.

please pray to bring my son Douglas back into my life

Please pray for my friend Jerry. He's having a colonoscopy and a test where they go down his throat to check for problems in his stomach, on Thursday. They found some blood in a stool test and said he was slightly anemic. He is very worried. Please pray that the procedure goes well and that he is ok. Please pray that he doesn't have cancer. Please pray for healing and peace. Thanks so much!!

Pray for mike he needs to pass a test to stay in his job and he needs god to help him remember what the teaching is saying to help with the questions .

Dear heavenly Father, please pray that God will give me the courage and strength to work through a sensitive
family situation that involves a sister who had seizures as a young child and resulted in brain damage. Pray that God will relieve my stress, and give me peace in knowing that I did all I could while married and having financial support. Please pray that my older sister , who never lifted a finger to do anything surrounding my sister, my mother , that she will come to the rescue and support my sisters knee operation. I have rheumatoid arthritis and my mobility is limited, plus I must work to survive.;My sister , no children good husband, good career has no reason not to come forth in this time of need. Please pray that God will give me peace in this situation. Pray for me I am worried, fearful , but know god. I need peace. In Jesus Name I Pray Amen

I need prayer for healing of Hep C and cirrhosis and inquinial hernia but most of all for faith to believe for my healing

2 people in my life turned on me last year. one doesn't care and the other took joy in hurting me. it still bothers me, over a year later. I realize the devil is at work, but I can't get past 2 people that I have known for a long time, one of which is my sister, would treat me like and think it's okay. please pray that I can get past their mistakes and move forward, enjoying the positive people in my life. thank you.