Pray for Others

Please pray my father in law will please put the house in Davids name before he runs out of money and looses it please pray please pray mike will please go see his mom. And dad

Please pray my kids are not mad at me or don't hate me please pray their dad will stop trying to get them to hate me

pray God for Christian and Jakob, for their hearts and minds, protect them from evil, in Jesus name, amen.

Pray for Michelle and Emily.

Pray for Randy to get help for his addictions.

Pray for my brother, Russ to find a computer job in the Florida area.

Pray for Tony and Susie's marriage to be suddenly restored.

Pray for Marilyn to be healed of multiple myeloma.

Pray that the Lord will have control of my life and all that happens in it!

Dear Lord and our Father In heaven, i come to you today as sinner and as a child of Yours. God, you have given my husband and I a wonderful gift - my baby. I pray that he will be born on August 9 healthy. I prAy that he will not have any illnesses or anything. Dear God, I pray that my credit card application will go thru. As we really need the money. Our baby is unfortunate to be born to us.. As we are bad parents with no saving. Lord, I really need miracle, please help us and our baby. As I really learn my mistake. I certainly do not want my child to suffer with us as all child is innocent. I pray all these in Jesus name, amen!