Pray for Others

Father I need your help to build a stronger relationship with my son Alex - today and everyday
Thank you

Father I ask for your help to build a stronger relationship with my daughter Christina -today and everyday
Thank you

The last few conversations with my manager have not gone well. Tomorrow morning we are having our bi-weekly1:1, please pray that this conversation is a success. I have to give her an update on a project and I've made some good progress. Please pray that God blesses both of us, that our relationship improves and that she approves of the direction of my project. I want the Lord to speak through me when we speak.

Father I ask for your help I need to lose weight today and everyday
Thank you

I've been praying for new job opportunities for awhile now. I was contacted by a recruiter for a position I'm very interested in. Prayers of favor and God's guidance are appreciated. Thank you.

Please pray for God to take the terrible, unending pain from me; take the swelling from my feet and heal the cause; free me from all congestion and let me breathe easily; restore the use of my arm; let me walk again unattended; and, especially, spare my life! Thank you and God bless you all. I ask in the name of Christ, our Saviour. mom

Update on Christian. He remains in the hospital, because the blockage has been very stubborn, and causing him some quite intense pain. We thought that this would have resolved much sooner.
Please Lord, we ask for some relief and comfort for Chris. Forgive us if our prayers seem demanding but it is so hard to see such suffering. Thank you for your prayers. Sincerely in Chrit.

Praying for my sister Lupe. I believe that the healing power of God is working on her right now. She is struggling with breathing. She tells me she is on Lasix and oxygen. She has given it to God. I believe in God's promises so I run with this truth that Lupe is healed. Thank you for praying with me and believing with me.

Brandon's eye infection. Was set to go to J. but now until he is healed he can't. Asking for his healing.

Lord, thank you for the nice Birthday and for the major blessings that you sent to relive my concerns. Amen