Pray for Others

Dear God thank you for all you do for us. please help our Logan to make his education top priority. help Betty,Gene,Sonny,Bryson,Mandy,JJ,Tina,Nichlaus to all get healthy help our Justin to find and believe in you to find truelove and happiness. help our country to find racial harmony to find you. help us financially to get secure to buy a home to help our children we love and need you always Abba Praise Jesus

Dear God thank you for all you do for us. please wrap your arms around Gene keep him comfortable until you call on him help Tina and Nick to cope with Genes end

Dear god
I'm at my family reunion. And certain people are bugging me. I don't really like them. I don't feel understood. And I don't really like certain family members. Monica, will, chap , and Heath. I pray to find peace. I just want to find my happiness. Where I belong. I don't belong here. But I do my best. Help me thru god. Move me forward. I want a man. And like minded friends I truly care about. I want to be full so when I get around people that bug me or rub me the wrong way I won't care as much. Where is my place? I can visit others but I want my home. My love. Where I live and love. Where I belong. !!!! Help!!!

God willing, my daughter Cecilia and Diego, her husband will fly from I. to W. DC in a few hours. Please pray for God`s protection on the airplane and then on the road, as the drive home to N. J. Also, can you please pray for God`s will to be done about them having babies... my daughter cries every year on Mother`s Day. / Lorena is a teenage neighbour who had jaw surgery several days ago... after she was released from the hospital the incision got infected. Lorena is allergic to penicilin. Please pray for her complete healing. / My son Stuart is in a new apartment in Poland, working on his thesis. His classmates and friends are gone, only two are left, and the school personnel. Please pray for Stu`s peace of mind and a clear head so he can focus on his thesis until it is complete... he just came out of a bad stomach infection which left him weak Please pray that God provides the funds needed for his expenses over there. He very much wants to stay in E., can you please pray that God guides him to a job he can do well. Thankyou.

Please Pray for my husband. we are trying to raise money for him to get treated.

Please pray that God will help my husband find a new job, in the area, one he can be happy in for as long as he needs to be and one that will pay enough to cover all our expenses, plus allow us to save for the future and help others and have some left over to play with. Thank you! In Jesus' name. Amen.

Thanks and praise to God! Please pray for the Lord's blessing and His presence in the center of a budding romance. In the name of Jesus. Blessings.

Dear lord I pray that you will help Dallas continue to love my son Alex today and everyday thank you

Thanks and praise to God! Please pray for the Lord's guiding wisdom in selecting a shelter dog. In Jesus name. Blessings.

Dear lord I pray that you will help tracy continue to build a stronger respectful working relationship with me today and everyday thank you