Pray for Others

please pray that my social worker will receive my back ground check soon and approve my husband and I to be foster to adopt parents for children in the system, thank you

Preston - son - thanks with all my heart for praying for this son especially that all lifestyle/relationships would be fully in line with the will of Christ Jesus.

That Crystal and I can take the next step in bonding our friendship and that I will know and believe what is there and give her the space and trust. Thanks.

For our twenty month old grandson, Mikey, to continue to grow, develop and gain strength as he has Down Syndrome and that he will be able to fully crawl, stand alone and walk and handle the pain of teething. Thanks.

Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers to have renter agree to leave. He wanted two months rent and I was arguing with him. In
M selling the house as I can no longer offered it. Lord thank you with all my heart mind and soul

Please pray for Kris S he went in for a somewhat simple procedure and has been fighting for his life, on and off, for almost a year! Pray that he returns to good health!

Please pray for Kris.

Please pray for me and for my daughter a reconciliation please pray God can open her heart which is hard and full of anger control frankly I believe she suffers from some form of mental health issues and I cannot reach her although I have tried so many times I really am powerless & I am now older and unable to deal with it the way it's been any longer I've given it to God and I pray every day every single day many times for this reconciliation she does keep my granddaughter from me as well they both live far away and it's so painful and sad and unnecessary just wish that God could please hear my prayer to soften her heart open her mind I have recently gone through all old photos & Momentos which I have kept since she was born in i Just don't understand other then it is a mental illness or something else really bad wrong but it's been going on for years anger control issues only calls when she wants something her life is a mess and I worry about my granddaughter please pray with me. & for this prayer request

Pray for the restoration of the marriage of Tony and me. Today, 4/28 is our 20th wedding anniversary.

Please pray for Cora, a soon to be 3yr old, & her parents..Cora is having surgery at the base of her scull. Please pray that the surgery is successful and Cora is home soon. Cora is going to be a big sister very soon. Bring strength to this family. Thank you