Pray for Others

Please pray for Diana who is recovering from cancer.

Please pray for Terry - that she can lose weight. This is needed for her health to get better.

Dear brothers/sisters,
Please continue praying for myself as I don't know how to move on with David's issues. We both still have a struggle for moving on and his lawyer may drop his case. We both completley struggle this more than 6 years. Heavenly Father, plese forgive our sins, teach us to be godly and be like you more. May your mercy, love and power onto us so that we can move on and complete the matters by your Grace. Heavenly Father, I have a debt need to pay as because of this project. I pray that you have a mercy onto me and David. I pray that you will give a chance for David stay at C. so we both able to pay back the debts together. Heavenly Father, plesae also give a wisdom for David's lawyer is willing to finish the task even it takes longer and the case is very complicated of it. May you give his lawyer a wisdom and willing to finish with us. Pray for the case no change at all and able to finish. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Please pray for my Brother who is going in for emergency hernia operation today .Praying that God will heal and there willnot be any compilcations from it.Also pray for my son and my entire family today.

Please pray that Lee realizes that this situation with K isn't doing good for his daughter that k is intentionally trying to upset his pregnant daughter and push them apart. She is trying to get him to throw them out and push his daughter away she doesn't like to share she has done this for 20 years. It just hurts his kids very badly. We are homeless and she is trying to make everything miserable and upset me and I am pregnant my husband and kids and I really don't need this we have been through so much in the last 2 and half years. It hurts she tries to do these things and enjoys hurting others for pleasure. Our family had suffered with her constant abuse for 20 years we all just don't want it anymore never did.

I am having surgery on Monday (July 6,2015) please pray for a successful surgery all test results to come back negative and a quick recovery.

Thank You Jesus Christ, for being involved with my admission to G-Institute of Management and Public Administration's Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) programme. I pray that God will grant me good health and sound mind throughout the period of my education so as to excell. Amen.

please pray for peace and God's personal love for Kathleen...she feels like a failure in relationships, because the guy she liked has a girl sleeping over...(in her mind, she knows God is at work,, but her heart is broken.
Please pray for an angel man for her that both like each other and for art opportunities to be offered
that make a difference and inspire others...thank you

Please continue to pray for my 4 adult children and their families.

Pray that Mary and William can share a life together-in faith with kindness-joy-love