Pray for Others

Dear Lord I lift up Robert - in prayer. My heart breaks for the young man and I ask that you heal him and touch his heart, he seems lost and broken but I know that all things are possible through you. Thank you Jesus..

I pray God will continue to meet all my needs and allow me to cover all my bills each month. I vow that I will make my tithe each month. I try to help as many family members in some way or with whatever I can give. I would like to be in a better financial position so that I can help out more with food, clothing and necessities for my grandchildren. I realize there are so many families struggling to make ends meet and with the cost of just the basics it's difficult for so many trying to get by.

For Leo not to have to work 14 hrs. days any more. And that Jeff will find someone that is dependable to work. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you and God bless you!

my brother and his god daughter both need Gods healing touch.

Please help J and N, E and E to be safe from all harm tonight and tomorrow.

I pray for employment very soon. I have been fully unemployed for some years and have been thoroughly looking since. I have had some temporary opportunities but I need FT employment.

Please pray for my neice. Having marital problems has 2 small kids unfaithful husband. She is hurt n weak waiting for God to guide her

lord help va

In bad need of prayer. I do have faith but I'm not sure I can hang in until God answers my prayers. My situation at work is unbearable and it just keeps getting worse.

God please grant son:Sebastian & son:Domenic & self & loved ones-as Your will provides. JESUS NAME YES & AMEN.