Pray for Others

Please Lord Jesus Help Me Not To Loose My Benefits. Let Everything Go Smoothly In The Process. In Jesus Name We Pay Amen.

My Lord bless me Lisa Tina Rebekah and Natalie and give all a good happy healthy safe wonderful great awesome loving fun exciting mind healing stress free financially set life and Friday and keep all afloat my Lord and bless and heal my whole body my left hip leg and please help me to pay all my bills my Lord and give me a blessed awesome great day today my lord and bring Tina to work safe and back home safe and give her a good day and give Lisa a good safe happy day in New Mexico my lord and bind all closely with love and kindness and heal Natalie mind and give her all good blessed happy thoughts y Lord and take all stress away from all my Lord and make my family whole for I pray and ask you all of this in thy most precious Jesus's name I pray to you my Lord Amen and amen my Lord. Love you Lord. Thank you Lord./

Heavenly father, please pray over this over myself, family , and friends. Pray over work and school. Pray that I do something great this day and proud of it. Pray over my thoughts. Pray over my house looking , that I am close to finding my dream home. Pray over my male friendships, that when the time is right, true love will appear. Bless this morning, afternoon, and evening. In Jesus name I pray amen,

 I need prayers for God to take the bad in this situation & make it better. Let God help both my son & his Dad make changes in rehab. Send someone to be their support from you. Let meetings help.

"Trusting God"
I got married 25 years ago and I recently got a divorce. My husband was a gambler and verbally abusive towards me and our kids. We always had financial problems and had to move twice, because we were in danger of losing our home. Every night he would come home after having lost at gambling, wake me up, and yell and complain about how we would pay the bills. I would ask him for money for groceries and he would tell me “I don’t have any, just don’t eat so much”. He would tell me to go ask my parents or call his family or take out a loan. I prayed every night for him to change, but he didn't. I fell into a state of despair, I gave up, I thought that I had no choice but to continue to be married to him and suffer. I prayed once again, but this time, for God to Take over my life and lead me to some peace and happiness. It didn't happen right away, but slowly things started to get better for me and the kids. I realized that I was praying for the wrong things.

I am a 4 year breast cancer survivor with long term complications from chemotherapy. It affected my bones in my spine. I am in an extreme amount of pain in my lower back and right leg. I am nearly to the point of not walking. I have a Doctor's appointment March 2nd and will be having testing. Pray God heals me, that He keeps me walking and the Doctor's can help. I am hurting so badly. The pain is numbing and affecting my nerves. My husband helps me a lot but he can not walk for me. We are in our 60's so no children at home. My Doctor has had me on some pain medications but did not want to prescribe them long term as they are not safe for long term. I need healing! Thank you for your prayers.

I am a woman.Pray to make me loose weight.I am unhappy with my weight.Ever since I gained all this weight.I have been sick ever since.I used to weight 120 pounds,then I went up to 186, I became sick went down to 160.I'm still sick struggling to get Healthy.I am willing to try 140 pounds.

God I know You have huge plans for my life. I know You will make all crooked paths straight. I know a flood of blessings, favor and miracles will overwhelm my life today and the days to come. God my life is on Your hands. I know You are guiding and directing my footsteps ans I'm nor expecting defeat. I'm not expecting failure. I'm expecting to have a blessed year. I'm expecting to go over and not under. I pray for a home of my own on the eastside of M-. I pray for a job in M- that brings joy and purpose to my life. I pray for financial security, independence, comfort, and stability. Thank You God!

Pray today i get approved for disability.Pray after my injection /block Dr.and Social Security Disability judge will Approve me today.Pray Dr will fill out disability paper this morning.Pray that i also get acknowledged by HIPAA on my complaint and i have their favor with me against the 2 ppl who are involved.Pray Lanier law gets back to me on settlement today.Pray Mr Benton gets back to me today on military pension percentage! My time is running out to pay my custody lawyer!!

Please my son passes a test today. Also pray my granddaughter grace will like school again.