Pray for Others

My 7moths old baby nephew is wheezing hard and a croouping cough He is running a high fever please let's pray together to our Lord God for healing upon this child ,to stop his health concerns and cease his fever and let him have a peaceful night thank you

Kindly pray for travel protection for myself and wife Sarala. We reach safely in UAE. Our children back home in I. be protected. Our daughter and family be M. be protected.

Kindly pray for career of my sons. Their business be blessed abundantly. With prayer.

Father, protect Dee and keep him safe from all hurt, harm and danger. Surround him with angels. Remove all unGodly forces from his life. Grant him and his family supernatural wisdom, protection and favor. In Jesus' name. Amen

Kindly pray for protection of my family from evil and evil men. The enemies evil designs be destroyed. They never triumph over us. All false court cases be dismissed with cost. The enemies be humiliated for all their evil actions against us. With prayer.

I would appreciate it if someone would pray for me. I'm having many issues in my life that often weakens my faith. Please pray for me, that I'll be able to have time to do the things that I need to do to improve the quality of my life, and that my friends whom I haven't been able to keep in touch with in a long time, will understand when I get in touch with them, and that they'll be understanding and forgiving towards me for not writing to them in over a year. Because I was hurt really badly last year, by someone whom I really cared a lot for, and still do, even though she's not really my friend anymore, I've been afraid to deal with people, especially my female friends, many of whom, have been only good to me. Please pray for me, that that anxiety concerning my relationships will be removed and that my life would be better. I suffer depression often because of problems with my relationships, gaining employment, and getting back into school, which isn't easy because I'm applying to Medical & Law School (Dual MD-JD program.) Thank You! Bye!

Please pray that my daughter, her husband and my granddaughter return safe tomorrow traveling from R. D. Please pray that my grandson or granddaughter to come be healthy and bring happiness to all our family. Please pray for our request to God each day, for the requests of all the people to God and mainly pray for all the people are suffering mentally, physically or emotionally. Pray that all the people accept the Will of God always knowing that it is the best for them.

Please join us in prayer for safety for our vehicle which is parked in a questionable neighborhood. Father we give You praise. Please post Your angels near our car to no harm will come to it. We thank You for watching over our car for it's safe return. In Jesus name. Thanks for your prayers. Bless you all.

I am asking for prayer for a women named peggy.She is going through treatment for cancer,She strongly believes in God but is very frightened.Peggy needs prayer desperately,

Pray that I will be receptive to the Wisdom of God with regards to the choices that I will make in life. I have finally felt a sense of being healed within at the age of 46. 41 yrs ago I had met the most violent man alive, my stepfather. My late grandfather had also taught me how to pray just a year before I had met my stepfather. I was 4yrs old. My grandfather died when I was 7. My father had shot himself in the head I never had a chance to meet him. As a result of my violent & abusive childhood & teenage yrs. I had developed a low self esteem & fear of men. Sadly, I had married a man that could quote the bible but also quickly developed an alcohol addiction after our marriage. Later continued to threaten to kill me. He has recently died. Now, our 2 kids are almost adults & my youngest is 8 ( Her father is a womanizer) With that being said, I want prayer to receive wisdom to know what to do & when & inspiration 2 complete my academic studies. Overcome loneliness & living alone. Thanks