Pray for Others

Please pray for my friends daughter Stephanie, as she is going through a hard time due to her fathers drinking & it is now causing her to be lost in depression now in her adult life. TY & GB

What to do about the new Spiritual movement a friend believes will benefit Christians everywhere. I'm not sure what to make of it, or if I should be involved - at all. This would be a time consuming proposition for me, but IF it is of GOD - and I AM SUPPOSED TO BE INVOLVED - then God's Sacred Will be done IN me and THROUGH me.

Please pray for God to keep Alan safe traveling today ; to spare his life; and, to let him come home safely! Thank you all and may God bless you as well. I ask in the name of Christ, our Saviour. mom

9 year old Jonathan was just taken into state custody to be placed in a foster home. Beaten, abused, brilliant and heartbreakingly fragile, he ran out into traffic to try to kill himself rather than go away from the psychiatric care facility - where, altho' his parents visited rarely - he waited for them every week. This precious, talented little boy is NOT a 'throw-away.' Dearest Jesus - comfort this child and let him feel safe and accept whatever love these temporary parents can give. amen

The has been beaten up with hospital bills, loss of jobs, loss of income and fear about how to get stabilized. Dearest Lord, Jesus. Please give Mr. J. meaningful work so that he can support his family, but also - that he can regain some measure of confidence and self-esteem. In Jesus' name I pray this.

Lord, I pray that my husband doesn't lose his job again. I need the strength and peace to make it through this for us and our son who is innocent and shouldn't have to suffer.

Please pray for my daughter, Rachel. She is very depressed and she has decided that she does not believe in God at all. She is living a lifestyle of having sex outside of marriage, drugs and lewd behavior. Please pray that God will snatch Rachel out of the evil ones hands and bring her into a right relationship with God. Thank you so much for your prayers.

God it is me yet again. God I don't know what to say or do anymore. I have been praying for years, even getting others to pray with me. Posting here and there looking for a strong saint to help me speak to you. Asking for your safety, protection, guidance and salvation from my sons mother. God my sons mother has taken my son from me yet again. God I know I need to take her to court but God I prayed for favor last time and I lost more time with him. I prayed for safety but yet my son feels less safe than he use to. God I am praying because I am helpless and I am in a situation that requires separation of my son from his mother. I am also praying because the people that have been placed to help me won't. I am in hell and so is my son. God break this curse, end this cycle and free my son from the Devils chains. God please show your face to me. God please provide me with your favor and your grace. Please don't let me and my son suffer any longer.

Meanwhile I'm looking for a job a fairly long time. I have a good education and I want a job where I can use my skills. Father thank you for your help, that I find the ideal job fast.

I have a job interview today. I am slightly nervous. I pray that God calms my fears. And blesses me with this job opportunity.