Pray for Others

Lord I lift my son Charles - up to you. He needs an internship this summer. I pray for him to get the opportunity to work in Y. this summer. He is a good man but does need to be a little more humble. His father denied that Charles was his and the courts never gave us/me support even after proof. I have worked hard to not be bitter. We could really use the support Lord. I am pray for better employment for my husband, myself and my children. I lift up my family that we may be a light for others and for all to be healthy happy and without worry. Thank you for the blessing you have given us.

Please pray for a supernatural financial miracle today, for deliverance from debts and debts burdens

I urgently need a new roof on my house and cannot afford it at this time. The insurance company has cancelled my insurance and claim that they are not renewing the insurance because I need a roof which should have been replaced 2 years ago. Now I am scrambling to try to get insurance.

Pat and anne loose weight

Please pray that the Lord will heal my impotency and bless me with a normal libido as this problem is causing me much pain and humiliation. By His stripes we are healed. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.
Thank you for caring.

Please ask the Lord to bless my financial situation which is very complicated and personal but He knows my circumstances and the situation and I ask for His mercy and peace at this very stressful time. I know that He is working ALL THINGS TOGETHER FOR GOOD and that His mercy endures forever.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for my best friend Jeff who is in serious trouble. Lord please shelter him with protection, shield him with your mercy, and bathe him in your loving compassion. Please see him through the terrible dark valley he's in now and lift his depression and anxiety. I ask it all in your Blessed Name, Jesus, God of Mercy, God of Forgiveness, Mighty God of Love. Thank you for your AMAZING GRACE! Amen.

Please ask God to release Alan completely from drug addiction today. Pray for God to remove all temptations and people from his path that could cause him to stumble; rid him of all unhealthy desires and cravings; make it totally impossible for him to obtain harmful substances; protect him while traveling; and, especially, spare his life and let him come home safely. Thank you all and God bless you. I ask in the name of Christ, our Saviour. mom

Thank You Almighty God for healing my family physically, spiritually, and mentally. And thank You for blessing us with happiness and prosperity through Christ and in His Holy Name. Thank You for Your angels that help us, guide us, comfort us, and protect us in Jesus' Name .... amen

Please ask God to give Alan a miracle and heal his back without surgery or further treatments. Pray, too, for God to give him relief from constant, extreme pain. Thank you all and may God bless you as well. In the name of Christ, I pray. mom