Pray for Others

Please George,David,Monty,Sarah,,Matt,Jess,Chris and family are mentally and physically and financially healthy and do well in school and work as well as Ellen,Nancy,Larry. Thank U

Please pray for Gabby W-. She doesn't believe in religion, as she responded to a tragedy on FB. Incredibly a good friend of mine & myself responded to her post. My friend Melissa was able to let God's word flow through her answer & I pray that I planted the seed of relationship. Gabby was a little taken aback that we knew each other. We both told her we would pray for her. Thank you so much!!

please pray for my coworker, Donna. She still having issues with diverticulitis. Also, another coworker, Ron, is having an angioplasty on Tuesday. Also, on Wednesday I am going in for my mammogram. Please pray for each one of us. Thank you for the prayers

That the breast cancer might be removed and health restored.

For an understanding of minds and hearts.

That the breech between my siblings be healed.

Please Lord Jesus We Give You Praise For What You Have Done And What You Are Going To Do. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

Prayers please. Husband has taken another severe cut in pay,his last payroll check bounced and the wolves are at the door. please pray our phone doesn't get cut off and he receives his payroll check tomorrow

Please pray that Sarah- and her family at NV will not be evicted; may Sarah have the resources to clean up the trash, to clean the apartment and its walls, and to start trash pick-up.

Pray Liz can return home safely to get own pace and her ex who beat her and her baby up this week stays away party she stays away from him and that he gets arrested and stays in for all his charges for awhile.