Pray for Others

Please pray for my son-in-law, Sean. Desperate, desperate need for a job. He and our daughter have 4 preciousl little children. They are in debt and could lose their home.
Plesase believe with us for a miracle job.

Need prayer for God's wisdom and guidance. I've been believing God to bring the right mate into my life for a very long time and I've always believed that God has a specific mate and timing for me. But I hear so many people say that God doesn't choose our mates and that I am responsible for finding my own mate. This is totally different than what I've always believed and if it's left up to me, I may never find the right mate. Please pray for God to reveal supernaturally what steps I should take to meet my mate or if in fact I should wait upon the Lord for this. Thank you.

Thank you that Misty's breast biopsy will show that the tumor is non-cancerous.

Thank you that Chuck's surgery will and recovery will be quick and uneventful. Guide the surgeon's hands and bless each person who cares for him. Give his family peace throughout his surgrry and recovery.

i pray my dog buddy and i will be in our home together april 1 2015 ipray god will look after my son jeff i pray ed will contact me soon

I am in need of help and have been for a long time. Please pray for me

Thank you that Jeff will get to go to Diabetes Camp.

My. Parents. Joan. And. Doris. These. People. Are. Old.

Fighting breast cancer for the second time. It's a different kind and more aggressive . The chemo is harder to deal with.

I pray for my son to be drug free . To be strong. To find God and know he is his Heavenly Father. To know he is loved. Please God keep him away from the world of drugs and the ones who want to lead him astray.